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Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 07:50:57 +0800
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Dear Sir, 
How are you !

We are a large manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of security protection products for police, military and civil use from china,
We are looking for foreign dealers/ importers/ traders/ buyers from all over the world .

We mainly produce the following products: 
1. Bulletproof series:
  UHMWPE fiber
  bulletproof vest / body armor  (NIJ IIIA level),
  bulletproof plate (upgrade IIIA vest to NIJ III or IV level),
  ballistic shield (IIIA or III level),
  bulletprof helmet (IIIA level),
  bulletproof face mask,
  bulletproof vehicle (armored vehicle),
  bulletproof briefcase....
2. Police duty gear :
 anti riot suits & helmet, anti riot shield, handcuffs, stabproof vest, military uniform and boots etc. 
3. Explosion-proof series:

 explosive-proof blanket & fence, bomb disposal suits,
 explosives trace detector, drug/dynamite detector.....
4. Search and Rescue series:
laser camera (night vision) for airports, harbors, Frontier and coast defense usage etc .

Our products can be widely used for :
police, army, security agencies,  military, civil,  government ministry of defence, hunting, patrol teams,
executive protection,  prison,  private detectives, safety consultancy,  national security agencies, VIP protection,
bodyguard, gun holder, anti terror work, law enforcement officer,  special forces, anti-piracy patrol in the sea etc.

Increasing awareness of the value of the life from higher threat levels , 
We manufacture safety products,  We only have one purpose, to make you safer !
We have capability to complete your large quantity order and offer most competitive price,
If you have interests in representing our security items in your market,  pls send me a email reply,
then I will offer our website with our product catalogue and dealer's price for your reference .

We wish to receive your inquiry at early time !
Best regards,
Miss Kathy (sale manager)
E-mail:  bulletproof-vest@xxxxxxx
20th, May 2013

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