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Re: Rambling noise #2: Learning to use the v8 pquota/uquota patchset

To: "Michael L. Semon" <mlsemon35@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Rambling noise #2: Learning to use the v8 pquota/uquota patchset
From: Chandra Seetharaman <sekharan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 15:41:29 -0500
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On Tue, 2013-05-14 at 04:52 -0400, Michael L. Semon wrote:
> Hi!  I seem to have no luck in getting v8 of the pquota/uquota patchset 
> working and have it pass xfstests with flying colors.  Is v8 of the 
> pquota/gquota patchset sufficient to make the new separate pquota/gquota 
> bits work?  Or is it an incremental patchset?

Hi Michael,

I will post the user level changes that accompanies these changes. 

With those changes you can do a new mkfs and use pquota and gquota



> The basic functionality works, in my opinion, and I hope nobody wastes 
> time with a nice, educated reply.  It would be mostly wasted on me and 
> is better saved for somebody else.  A reply of "do this...and 
> this...btw, how did this test come out?" would be welcomed, though ;-)
> Anyway, some vague observations as I grasp for straws...
> 1) The xfstests quota group tests seem to fail in different ways than 
> the way they did before applying the patches.
> 2) Nothing has oopsed.
> 3) In testing using the `xfs_quota -x` command, the patches seem to 
> work.  On `mount -t xfs -o gquota` mounts, using the quota command from 
> within the xfs_quota shell, the group quotas show but not the projid 
> quotas.  On `mount -t xfs -o pquota` mounts, the projid quotas show but 
> not the gquota mounts.  This is different than the old behavior, where 
> the gquota numbers might be recycled into projid numbers.
> 4) The results of `xfsquota -c print` are confusing.  Maybe they're 
> showing the XFS view when they show things like 
> 'uqnoenforce,gquota,pquota' for a mount that is gquota only.  They're 
> doubly confusing once /etc/projid and /etc/projects have been set up. 
> The 'gqnoenforce' and 'pqnoenforce' flags show up at times for reasons 
> that are unknown to me.
> 5) `mount -t xfs -o gquota,pquota` is not possible at this time.
> 6) The patches applied cleanly to a git Linux 3.10-rc1 kernel + xfs-oss, 
> with only whitespace errors reported.
> 7) I question whether 'bsoft=' has a visible effect on projid quotas, 
> whether using your patches or not.  Did it ever work?
> 8) I had no feel on whether the filesystem had to be mounted once as 
> gquota, then once as pquota, for the full dual functionality to work.
> 9) It looks like xfs_repair doesn't ruin anything, but the `xfsquota -c 
> print` output looks a little different on the next mount.
> That's about all that could be put together in a coherent manner.  Sleep 
> awaits.
> The PC is a 32-bit Pentium 4.  In addition to the kernel mentioned in 
> (6), there are a few J. Liu and Dave Chinner patches applied as well.
> Best of luck!
> Michael
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