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Amino Acids

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Dear manager,

We are a leading amino acids and medical intermediates manufacturer from China.Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and enjoy a good reputation both in home and abroad. We've exported our products to over 35 countries.
Here are the product advantage ranges:
Amino acids:
  • Protein amino acids
  • Unprotein Aliphatic Amino Acids
  • Phenylalanine derivatives
  • Protected amino acid series(Boc,Fmoc,Cbz,acetyl,esters.)
  • Amino alcohols and derivatives

Fine chemicals:

  • Bio-buffers
  • Elisa(TMB,ONPG,PNPP...)
  • Trinder's reagents
  • Chromogenic substrates(Luminol,AMPPD...)
  • Medical intermediates

If you need any of these chemical ranges, pls email us and let us know your specific queries at your soonest convenience.


Clemchem Biosciences Co.,Ltd.

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