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[TARBALL] xfsprogs: add CRC infrastructure

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Subject: [TARBALL] xfsprogs: add CRC infrastructure
From: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 13:10:11 +1000
Delivered-to: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi folks,

Attached is a tarball that adds the CRC infrastructure to xfsprogs.
It is basically a port of the kernel changes, and sits on top of
the V2 tarball for the kernel code sync posted here:


This tarball contains the following commits:

libxfs: add crc format changes to generic btrees
xfsprogs: add crc format chagnes to ag headers
libxfs: change quota buffer formats
libxfs: add version 3 inode support
libxfs: add support for crc headers on remote symlinks
xfs: add CRC checks to block format directory blocks
xfs: add CRC checking to dir2 free blocks
xfs: add CRC checking to dir2 data blocks
xfs: add CRC checking to dir2 leaf blocks
xfs: shortform directory offsets change for dir3 format
xfs: add CRCs to dir2/da node blocks
xfs: add CRCs to attr leaf blocks
xfs: split remote attribute code out
xfs: add CRC protection to remote attributes
xfs: add buffer types to directory and attribute buffers
xfs: buffer type overruns blf_flags field
xfs: add CRC checks to the superblock
xfs: implement extended feature masks
xfsprogs: Add verifiers to libxfs buffer interfaces.
xfsprogs: Support new AGFL format
mkfs: fix realtime device initialisation

[ I just noticed I need to update all the commit prefixes on the patch
titles (from "xfs:" to "libxfs:"), but that's a minor issue right
now. ]

This series builds a fully working xfsprogs package, but does not
support CRC enabled filesystems at all. It runs through xfstests
without any new regressions for standard configurations (i.e. no rt
device, internal log), but unlike previous patch sets will not
immediately SEGV if you use external log devices or rt devices. I
don't think there are any new regressions even with external
devices, but I have not run enough iterations to say for sure.

Most of these patches are simply ports from the kernel patches to
match the libxfs structure, so there aren't any real surprises
there. There are some small changes in various parts outside libxfs
to ensure everything compiles as each patch is applied, but no
attempt has been made to ensure that each patch results in a fully
working xfsprogs package.

Instead, the last 3 patches in the series hook up all the new bits
and fix issues that make stuff break. The verifier hookup can't
easily be done in any of the other patches simply because it
requires lots of libxfs specific infrastructure changes. I may not
have found all the places where verifiers can be added, but that's
not a major concern until CRCs are enabled (i.e. the next patchset).

The "xfsprogs: Support new AGFL format" patch can probably be folded
into the "xfsprogs: add crc format chagnes to ag headers" patch
which introduces the bugs being fixed, but I left it separate for
testing. Similarly, the rt dev fixes probably belong in the kernel
sync patchset, but I only came across that when testing rt devices a
couple of days ago and just dumping it here means I don't need
to post a new kernel sync tarball right now. ;)

If people want me to, I can post an aggregate tarball of both sets
of patches. This patches up to the point seem pretty well
stabilised, so I don't see there being many changes up to them after
this point.

That, of course, will change when I start finding CRC
format related bugs, but I'd prefer to keep those fixes separate so
the userspace code has the same series of changes committed for the
shared kernel/libxfs code. Hence I expect there will be quite a few
patches in the next series (the "add CRC functionality" series) that
fix bugs in the code introduced in this patch series....

Comments, thoughts, flames, bug reports and pictures of puppies
all welcome.


Dave Chinner

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