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Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2013 12:43:23 +0200
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This offer is from BHP Billiton PLC United Kingdom., After evaluating your 
resume/CV Posted on our database, we are offering you the opportunity to work 
under 2 years renewable contract in the UK Oil pipeline project.In accordance 
with BHP standards, you must show a high degree of independence,ability to Work 
under pressure, highly motivated, ambitious and able to work with minimal 
supervision.For proper re-confirmation and verification of your Resume/CV, 
kindly re-submit your most Recent resume/CV immediately.BHP London Gas/pipeline 
project is scheduled to begin in June 2013 and the project will last for 6 
years or more.The contract is valued at more than  US 600 Trillion Euros and 
the framework of the London project covers all of the sectors in which our 
company is active, including upstream oil and gas, chemicals, gas-to-liquids, 
oil-to-liquids and coal-to-chemicals, electrical installation / technology etc.
Under this contract, other multi-nationals will provide feasibility 
study,front-end engineering and design services as requested by BHP under 
pre-agreed terms and conditions.BHP Billiton will be working with British 
engineering group to provide exploration and development testing services in 
high- pressure,high-temperature(HP/HT)and deep water environments.The work will 
be done throughout EUROPE and serviced from BHP operations in London  & 
Aberdeen,to optimize provision efficiencies.
Our Benefits Includes:
(a)Competitive allowances and compensation package as obtainable in theupstream 
construction Industries worldwide.
(b) All contracts are meant to last for 24months (2years), and liable for 
upward review & renewal on expiration of the contract engagements.
(c) £5,700.00 - £18,000.00 British Pounds Sterling per month, negotiable 
depending on qualifications and experiences will be paid
(d) Medical health cares and check up services via our medical hospitals home & 
abroad.A swift response will be highly appreciated.
Thank you,
Faithfully Yours,
BHP Billiton HR Dept
Mr. James William
Neat house Place
Victoria London SW1V1BH
Tel: (447035998534)
Fax: (44 7092871465)

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