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mind treasures

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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2013 21:31:53 +0000
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Every so often, man steers clear of something but does not know that it benefits him and vice versa, from time to time he approaches someone or something, not knowing that it harms him, all the same God has blessed mankind with something by which he can tell between right and wrong. That huge blessing is called “intellect”. It’s appealing to know that the legitimacy of everything is identified by the use of intellect, but the legitimacy of intellect is undeniable and self-explanatory, and it’s not incumbent upon us to reason and argue about it. For instance when intellect proclaims that oppression is evil and kindness is good, we conclude that it’s legitimate and we need not to reason for it. Who do you think this sentence is quoted from?

“God sent his prophets to people one after another so that they plow men’s wisdom and dig out its treasures. “

The narrator of these words is not a poet but knows poetry. He is not a philosopher. He is a divine man. Now what do you think those buried treasures of human wisdom are? Or how do God’s prophets dig out those treasures of human’s wisdom?

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