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Re: Read corruption on ARM

To: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Read corruption on ARM
From: Jason Detring <detringj@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:38:51 -0600
Cc: xfs-oss <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On 2/27/13, Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2/27/13 10:50 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> On 2/27/13 10:38 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> ...
>>> re-cc'ing xfs list
>>> So I used pahole to look at all structs, objdump -d to disassemble,
>>> and md5sum'd the results to see what's different.
>>> pi@raspberrypi ~ $ md5sum cross/*.dis cross/*.pahole native/*.dis
>>> native/*.pahole
>>> <manual sort>
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  cross/xfs-O1-g.ko.pahole
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  cross/xfs-O2-g.ko.pahole
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  cross/xfs-Os-g.ko.pahole
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  native/xfs-O1-g.ko.pahole
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  native/xfs-O2-g.ko.pahole
>>> c0abd80c3bf049db5e1909fd851261cc  native/xfs-Os-g.ko.pahole
>>> so all structures look identical, good - but:
>>> while disassembly of these two modules match:
>>> d76f6ebf4d8a1b9f786facefbcf16f69  cross/xfs-O1-g.ko.dis
>>> d76f6ebf4d8a1b9f786facefbcf16f69  native/xfs-O1-g.ko.dis
>>> do you see the problem w/ the cross-compiled xfs-O1-g.ko as well?

No, I didn't.  The problem has only shown itself on the -O2 builds,
both native and cross-compiled.  Lower optimization levels don't show
any of the symptoms.

Perhaps a better comparison would be-O2 builds among working and
non-working compilers?   You'd asked for these before, but I just
finished them today.  The modules, build logs, and fs/xfs/ build trees
are up at
A quick rundown:
  -cross-gcc4.4:  OK
  -cross-gcc4.5:  OK
  -cross-gcc4.6:  BAD
  -cross-gcc4.7:  BAD
  -cross-gcc4.8:  OK
Some of these don't seem to want to rmmod after they've been inserted.
 Argh reboots.

>>> the others differ:
>>> 349f3490a49f2ce539c2b058914f64f0  native/xfs-Os-g.ko.dis
>>> 91c8e8230774808b538c21a83106a5d7  cross/xfs-Os-g.ko.dis
>>> 649338e1b8eeed6a294504fc76a39cb0  native/xfs-O2-g.ko.dis
>>> e52c2a48277326c313bba76aa0b33ab7  cross/xfs-O2-g.ko.dis
>>> The diff of the disassembly of the others is huge, hard to
>>> know where to start just yet.  Need an objdump mode that only
>>> shows function-relative addresses or something to cut down
>>> on the noise.
>> Could you try the same, to isolate the differences: objdump -d
>> all of the *.o files for, say, the -O2 build, md5sum & compare,
>> and see which ones differ?

Er, uh...  oops! :-)    I'd scrubbed the objects between each test, so
each module had to be regenerated.  So, the intermediate objects won't
match the various xfs-O2-g.ko's you've already downloaded.  Look in
the -cross-gcc4.7 and -native-gcc4.7 subdirectories for new copies.

# pwd
# for obj in *.o; do
if [ "$(objdump -d $obj | md5sum)" != "$(cd
../../xfs-modules-cross-gcc4.7/xfs-O2-g-obj/ && objdump -d $obj |
md5sum)" ]; then
echo "obj $obj is different";  fi; done
obj xfs.o is different
obj xfs_attr_leaf.o is different
obj xfs_bmap.o is different
obj xfs_dir2_block.o is different
obj xfs_itable.o is different
obj xfs_log.o is different
obj xfs_log_recover.o is different

> And one more test.  Every time you hit the error, it causes
> a log replay on the next mount since the fs has shut down.
> Can you try
> # mount; umount; mount; test
> so that you start the test from a clean mount, and see if you still hit it?
> Maybe save that image off before you do that test just in case it changes
> the state.

I'm not sure on that.  Even in read-write mode, the notice in my
kernel log has always been "Corruption detected.  Unmount and run
xfs_repair".  It's never been a forced filesystem shutdown, just a
stern warning and half-accessible files.  The next mount always seems
to be clean.

[89574.079876] XFS (loop0): Corruption detected. Unmount and run xfs_repair
[89587.269316] XFS (loop0): Mounting Filesystem
[89587.444629] XFS (loop0): Ending clean mount

I usually mount read-only and it doesn't seem like the image's md5sum
doesn't change between runs.  I made a copy then mounted it read-write
a time or two.  The md5sum changed between mounts.  However, I am
still seeing the error when attempting to read the directory.  The
mounted-rw-checked image is up at


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