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International Shipping Project Logistics Service - E-Shot

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Project Logistics Service SpECIALISTS

an Australian owned and managed company

Aurora can assist with the movement of your machinery / project from site to site, or port to port globally. We are project logistics customs brokers and can assist with all aspects of clearance into and out of Australia
We offer fixed schedules Privately owned Australian business


West Coast USA
to AUstralia


Los Angeles

 Every 3 weeks      
Brisbane  32 Days      
Melbourne  35 Days      
Port Kembla  39 Days      

to AUstralia

Shanghai  Weekly Service      


 18 Days      
Melbourne  20 Days      
Brisbane  23 Days      

Coastal cargo

Port Headland/Weipa Monthly * Servicing all other ports on a regular basic




Aurora Global Logistics are fully licensed customs and quarantine brokers for all ports of Australia.

Our services include:

In-house customs clearance [Australian Customs Service (ACS) and Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) accredited Customs Brokers]
Specialists in customs and AQIS project clearance consultance
Extensive on-ground handling experience

Aurora Global Logistics Pty Ltd
48 McConnel Street, Bulimba QLD Australian 4171
Tel: 07 3900 5900
Fax: 07 3399 7209

Aurora Global Logistics are the exclusive commercial agents for:
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