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Re: XFS restore don't restore

To: Stan Hoeppner <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Fugazzi99 <fugazzi99@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS restore don't restore
From: Ben Myers <bpm@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 15:37:39 -0600
Cc: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Mon, Jan 07, 2013 at 03:28:23PM -0600, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> On 1/7/2013 2:39 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> > On 1/7/13 1:55 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> >> On 1/7/13 1:22 PM, Fugazzi99 wrote:
> >>> Hi everyone,
> >>> I think I hit a problem of xfsrestore again.
> >>> I had some problems with my HD so I had to change it, after that I tried 
> >>> to restore from the last dump of yesterday.
> >>> I made it with the last xfsrestore/dump 3.1.2 but when I try to restore 
> >>> it with xfsrestore 3.1.0 from sysrescuecd I got for the root filesystem:
> ...
> > FWIW, I just tested xfsdump 3.1.0 from the git tree:
> ...
> > and xfsrestore 3.1.2 from the git tree as well:
> Eric, it looks like he went the opposite direction, dump 3.1.2 and
> restore 3.1.0.  He's restoring with the older version.

I just gave that a try.  With xfsdump version 3.1.2 and xfsrestore version
3.1.0 it fails with a bad file header checksum:

~/xfsdump # xfsrestore  -f dumpfile-with-3.1.2 /mnt/test/k
xfsrestore: using file dump (drive_simple) strategy
xfsrestore: version 3.1.0 (dump format 3.0) - type ^C for status and control
xfsrestore: searching media for dump
xfsrestore: examining media file 0
xfsrestore: dump description:
xfsrestore: mount point: /mnt/test
xfsrestore: volume: /dev/sda6
xfsrestore: session time: Mon Jan  7 15:26:55 2013
xfsrestore: level: 0
xfsrestore: file system id: 547ee7b8-f086-4e47-b88e-ef2d07866147
xfsrestore: session id: 6a7fd2ca-f5c2-4e3e-b45f-91ccb9e87789
xfsrestore: media id: 3f6dd30f-1542-4151-835c-d3120e716e51
xfsrestore: using online session inventory
xfsrestore: searching media for directory dump
xfsrestore: reading directories
xfsrestore: WARNING: bad file header checksum
xfsrestore: NOTE: restore interrupted: 0 seconds elapsed: may resume later 
using -R option
xfsrestore: Restore Summary:
xfsrestore:   stream 0 /root/xfsdump/dumpfile-with-3.1.2 OK (success)
xfsrestore: Restore Status: INCOMPLETE

Hmm.  I agree with Eric that it is likely related to 'xfsdump: fill in
bs_forkoff', commit b7af332b.  Maybe bumping the dump version was the right
thing to do back then.  3.1.2 should work fine though.


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