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Bug#694624: /usr/sbin/xfs_freeze: freezes under lying (root)

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Subject: Bug#694624: /usr/sbin/xfs_freeze: freezes under lying (root)
From: Pat Emblen <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 10:31:08 +1100
Organization: Talbragar Computers
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Well it's your call, but I'll make my case for changing it.
- I think it is very dangerous default behaviour, particularly in scripts as it can prevent
the possibility of logging in to unfreeze a frozen root.
- The docs all strongly imply that it operates on mountpoints, so surely not many people
would have diliberately used it on general paths?"
        xfs_freeze -f | -u mount-point"
"The mount-point argument is the pathname of  the  directory  where  the
       file system  is  mounted."
- Because of the name and the wording of the man page, you don't expect xfs_freeze to freeze an ext4 file system that isn't even mounted on the path you pass to it?! - It's logical to have it work on mountpoints only. You wouldn't expect umount or fdisk to
work the same way? Do any other partition level tools work this way?
- At the very least I would expect it to require a 'force' option if it was going to freeze
the root system.


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