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Re: Why xfs_<utils> not 'readline' w/line-edit & history enabled?

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Subject: Re: Why xfs_<utils> not 'readline' w/line-edit & history enabled?
From: Linda Walsh <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 21:21:25 -0700
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Nathan Scott wrote:
Mmm, wasn't trying to pass judgement there - I'm sure the OpenSuSE
package maintainer will take a patch to enable it in the spec file
there if its not in place.
Wouldn't bet on it...

I tried to get them to NOT issue a disabling patch for default parallelism
in upstream sort, and they said not unless I could prove it wouldn't cause a
a hang in their build process (when it was first implemented, their algorithm
had a few problems due to default buffer sizes on linux), but that was 2 years
ago and O.Suse still won't enable it - but you can specify that you want
parallel sort with every invocation -- which doesn't help for 3rd party progs
that just call sort (like updatedb) -- unless you modify them as well..

They also don't support build packages via source on a opensuse installation ---
as it has "superfluous" packages installed, and they don't want to test for
interactions anymore.

I felt even if they wanted a cleanroom for production -- they could still do
rpmbuilds with a a clean-distro devel install as a test step that things
worked together, but it seems like they are moving away from supporting direct
development or building of packages except via a special cleaned root.


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