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Why xfs_<utils> not 'readline' w/line-edit & history enabled?

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Subject: Why xfs_<utils> not 'readline' w/line-edit & history enabled?
From: Linda Walsh <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012 09:44:51 -0700
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Something I've long wished for and wondered why it wasn't
there -- was the ability to edit or re-edit a typed line,
or recall a previous line from history.

I'd really find it useful to even have the ability for it to
save previous command sessions / tool.

Given the usefulness of such, I was wondering why it had
never been done?   Just it never rose to the top of some
task list?  Or was there some desire to keep the tools
less friendly and thus make them more difficult to use for
casual use (i.e. it might have been a conscious design
decision at some point).  Is that reasoning still a strong
enough factor to keep things like that out of the mainline

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