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Re; new toner chips for Samsung with EXP,DOM,EUR,CHN version, Samsung

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Subject: Re; new toner chips for Samsung with EXP,DOM,EUR,CHN version, Samsung MLT-101S,-ML-2165W/SF-760P/SCX-3405FW
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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 16:43:28 +0800
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Dear  Manager ,

How are you?
I have some new toner  chips  for Samsung with EXP,DOM,EUR,CHN version for 
Samsung MLT-101S------ML-2165W/SF-760P/SCX-3405FW       1.5K
Samsung MLT-103S-----ML-2950/2951/2955/2956/SCX-4728/47291.5K
Samsung MLT-103L----ML-2950/2951/2955/2956/SCX-4728/47292.5K
HP CF280A----HP Laserjet 400M/401DN 2.7K
HP CF280X---HP Laserjet 400M/402DN 6.9K
HP CE390A---HP Laserjet  4555/4555/4555dn 10K
HP CE390X---HP Laserjet  4555/4555/4556dn 24K

Kyocera TK-1100/TK-1102/TK-1103/TK-1104
Kyocera TK-1130/TK-1132/TK-1133/TK-1134
Kyocera TK-1140/TK-1142/TK-1143/TK-1144
Utax CD5130/5135
Utax CD5230/5235

OKI B411/B431
OKI C310/C330/C530
OKI C810/C820/C830
OKI C710/C711
OKI C910/C930
OKI C9650
OKI B930
OKI C9655
OKI ES3640
our quality warranty is 100% return and replacement.
 if there is any quality problem,we will do the replacement for you directly in 
your next order without asking you to send back to save your cost for small 
if for big quantity of defectives,we will need you to send back with the 
shipping cost paid us,after checking the quality problem,we will do the 
replacement or do the refund for you
and our quality guarantee has been stated clearly on our website of 
www.printercolorltd.com ,www.toner-cartridge-chip.com.cn as well as our 
aliexpress store
we are an second year golden manufacturer on www.alibaba.com .You can check our 
certificate  for export right ,export company Identity number,registered 
certificate with our government and customs  on our website of 
can trust us.our website is www.toner-cartridge-chip.com.cn and 
if your quantity is 10,000PCS,we can give you free delivery.And if your 
quantity is 5000PCS,we can pay for 50% shipping cost for you!
I am looking forward to your reply!
Best wishes!
Sales Manager
Company:NPC, Nanchang Printer Color Technology Co., LtD                         
Address: Room 602,Unit 1,Building 3,Hongcheng Road No.589,Nanchang City,Jiangxi 
province ,China
 Tel:86-0791-86207670  Fax:86-0791-86207670
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MSN: sherry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: sherry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 

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