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Re: xfs warnings on kernel 3.2.15

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Subject: Re: xfs warnings on kernel 3.2.15
From: Michael Monnerie <michael.monnerie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:47:40 +0200
Cc: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Am Sonntag, 12. August 2012, 08:57:42 schrieb Dave Chinner:
> It's a problem that has been around for, well, since freeze was
> first introduced many, many years ago. And the complexity of the fix
> (20+ patch series, IIRC) makes it a difficult and time consuming fix
> that requires a lot of testing - it touches the VFS and has changes
> all through different filesystems, including XFS. I just can't see
> anyone other than enterprise distro vendors spending that much
> effort to back port such an intrusive fix....

Je compris. As it's such a longstandig bug, I guess it won't happen too
often worldwide. Or at least doesn't get reportet. I've had it twice in
several months, and I'll run 3.6 ASAP. Thanks for investigating!

mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Michael Monnerie, Ing. BSc

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