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Re: XFS Recovery Behaviour

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Subject: Re: XFS Recovery Behaviour
From: Andy Bennett <andyjpb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 01:23:57 +0100
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> I didn't expect to see the import-2012-07-04/ directory again and I
> certainly didn't expect to see it populated with the card-2/ subdirectory.

I've been moving the files to my archive disk and now import-2012-07-28/
seems to be in a pickle:

$ ls -la import-2012-07-28/
total 0

$ rmdir import-2012-07-28/
rmdir: failed to remove `import-2012-07-28/': Directory not empty

$ rm -fr import-2012-07-28/
rm: cannot remove `import-2012-07-28': Directory not empty

$ cd import-2012-07-28/

$ ls -la
total 0

$ touch hello
touch: cannot touch `hello': No such file or directory

$ cd .

$ cd ..


I can't seem to remove it. It doesn't seem to contain '.' or '..'
entries but I do seem to be able to 'cd' in and out of it with bash
4.2.36(1). I also seem to be able to 'cd .' whilst I am in it.

... I tried 'umount'ing and 'mount'ing the filesystem.
Now it shows up thusly in 'ls -la':

??????????  ? ?       ?             ?            ? import-2012-07-28

'umount'ing and 'mount'ing again results in the same thing.

dmesg shows this for the two "re"mounts:

[48160.832197] XFS (sda10): Mounting Filesystem
[48161.047407] XFS (sda10): Ending clean mount
[48247.692309] XFS (sda10): Mounting Filesystem
[48247.844421] XFS (sda10): Ending clean mount

Does anyone have any idea how I can remove this entry?



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