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Re: block sizes > 4K ?? possible w/large page support?

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Subject: Re: block sizes > 4K ?? possible w/large page support?
From: "Linda A. Walsh" <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 10:37:09 -0700
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Eric Sandeen wrote:
On 6/10/12 10:21 PM, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
Is this something being thought about??

More than one of my hard disks:

/boot:                 130 files in     103112 4K blocks:    793.6 blks/file
/tmp:                 1401 files in     746715 4K blocks:    533.4 blks/file
/var/cache:           1438 files in      87858 4K blocks:     61.5 blks/file
/backups:              713 files in 2523985177 4K blocks: 3539951.6 blks/file
/var:                 9038 files in     746715 4K blocks:     83.1 blks/file
/var/cache/squid:      570 files in      90031 4K blocks:    158.4 blks/file
/Media:              51893 files in 1691400956 4K blocks:  32594.5 blks/file
/:                   37312 files in     506778 4K blocks:     14.0 blks/file
/usr/share:         320805 files in  195425485 4K blocks:    609.6 blks/file
/backups/Media:      50544 files in 1642550112 4K blocks:  32497.9 blks/file
/usr:               116650 files in    1389380 4K blocks:     12.4 blks/file
/Share:            1617995 files in  305269701 4K blocks:    189.1 blks/file
/home:             5822174 files in  195412389 4K blocks:     34.0 blks/file

All but 2 could benefit from a 16K block size, and 3 of them could benefit
from a 128K block size.  Wouldn't that benefit in  in freeing up some space
both on disk and in memory?  Just a thought.

Since on average each file in an evenly-distributed filesystem wastes half
a block, in theory each fs would waste 4x more space w/ 16k blocks than
4k blocks, right?
        Well the real candidates for a larger block size would be backups,
and maybe Media... the rest wouldn't benefit.

        So, it sounds like I might just as well benefit by going to a 1K
block size, if there's no cost in smaller block sizes?  Or would that be
entirely dependent on the files/dir?

        Those blks/file are 4k-blks/file if there was any doubt...

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