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Re: Repeated XFS corruption on RAID-10 on Adaptec 51245

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Subject: Re: Repeated XFS corruption on RAID-10 on Adaptec 51245
From: "Christian J. Dietrich" <dietrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2012 21:36:58 +0200
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Am 08.06.2012 12:51, schrieb Emmanuel Florac:
> "Christian J. Dietrich" <dietrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait:
>> I am running CentOS 6.2 (=RHEL 6.2) with kernel
>> 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.x86_64 (most recent) and all OS updates installed.
>> Controller Firmware is the most recent (18948), driver version is
>> 1.1-5. HDDs are 2x WD2001FASS, 10x WD2002FAEX.
> I currently manage many servers (about 50) with Adaptec 5xx5 raid
> cards. The only case of data corruption I've met was with WD drives.
> Therefore it's most probably related to the WD drives. WD desktop
> drives are well known for being (voluntarily) crippled for RAID
> operation. They will almost always create all sort of weird problems
> when running under high IO load.
> It is of utmost importance that you at least take care of setting TLER
> in the correct mode on the drives. Beware that apparently newer WD
> drives don't even allow setting TLER properly anymore (I said
> "crippled").
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time-Limited_Error_Recovery

Indeed, it seems to be related to the WD HDDs, I am in contact with
Adaptec support and will dig deeper. A couple of disks have comparably
high CommandAborts.

Probably, I will rebuild the RAID volume using disks with proper TLER
support and activate TLER.

Thanks for your help,

Christian J. Dietrich
Institute for Internet Security - if(is)
Westfälische Hochschule University of Applied Sciences

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