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Repeated XFS corruption on RAID-10 on Adaptec 51245

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Subject: Repeated XFS corruption on RAID-10 on Adaptec 51245
From: "Christian J. Dietrich" <dietrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2012 11:45:28 +0200
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Hey all,

I have problems with an XFS volume. Upon discovering the message
"kernel: XFS (sda3): corrupt inode 3714097 (bad size 16437 for local
fork, size = 60)."
I ran xfs_repair /dev/sda3 (/dev/sda3 was unmounted). It reported to
have fixed some errors.
However, after a while in normal operation, another XFS corruption
occurred on /dev/sda3. I noticed that repeatedly calling xfs_repair will
always report and fix new errors, even if the volume is not mounted in
between, e.g., "rebuilding directory inode XXX" with different (new)
values of XXX.

/dev/sda is a 12 TB RAID-10 volume on an Adaptec 51245 controller. All
disks are online and none is reported faulty.

Naive, I would assume that running xfs_repair once would fix all errors.
My guess is that the underlying RAID volume (Adaptec 51245 RAID 10) is
somehow invalid (although I can not find any indicators confirming
this). Any suggestions?

I am running CentOS 6.2 (=RHEL 6.2) with kernel
2.6.32-220.17.1.el6.x86_64 (most recent) and all OS updates installed.
Controller Firmware is the most recent (18948), driver version is 1.1-5.
HDDs are 2x WD2001FASS, 10x WD2002FAEX.

Thanks in advance,

Christian J. Dietrich
Institute for Internet Security - if(is)
Westfälische Hochschule University of Applied Sciences

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