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Quality Control of Herbal Drugs

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Subject: Quality Control of Herbal Drugs
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Riddhi International

Best Sellers

Quality Control of Herbal Drugs

By : Dr. Pulok K. Mukherjee

About the Book:

The most exhaustive and comprehensive book ever available on the subject.

• Safety and Toxicity in Herbal Drugs
• Ethnobotany in Drug Evaluation
• Macro-Morphographical Studies
• Development of Standardization Parameters
• Phytoconstituents and Their Analysis
• Extraction of Herbal Drugs
• TLC - Detailed Procedures and Guidelines
• HPTLC - Densitometry
• Pharmacological Screening of Herbal Drugs
• Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices
• Quality Assurance and Stability Testing of Herbal Drugs
• Analytical Profiles of Selected Medicinal Plants
   Plus Annexed Information
   Additional References
   Internet Resources for further information
   International Associations/Organizations

You Need This Book If You Are:

• Grower of medicinal herbs
• Wholesaler/Distributor
• Manufacturer of Herb Extracts
• Manufacturer of Herbal Formulations
• Researcher
• Academician
• Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Price: US$ 80.00 BUY NOW

International Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants Volume 1 to 18

By : Vijay Verma

About the Book:

International Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants is an amazing compendium consisting of a series of eighteen volumes, covering A to Z of medicinal plants. It is a remarkable compilation of information on herbal medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, healing properties, treatment of ailments and biology of medicinal plants of the world. It also covers herbs from all over the world, giving their location, cultivation, history of herbal medicine and the herbal traditions of different cultures.
This encyclopaedia exhaustively covers scientific data for the plants and provides detailed information on how each plant is used in different countries, describing both traditional therapeutic applications and its use with lavishly illustrated details. The importance of pharmaceuticals derived from plant sources is also described with the potential of ethnomedicine for providing innovative leads in the exploration for bioactive constituents. Featuring key herbs and their healing properties, this heavily illustrated encyclopaedia will appeal to everyone interested in the medicinal plants.

Price: US$ 515.00 BUY NOW

Sanjeev Prajapati
Riddhi International

Riddhi International | 24-30, Sonamukhi Nagar, Sangaria Fanta, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342 013 INDIA

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