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[XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.27.47, created. v

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.27.47, created. v2.6.27.47
From: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:47:52 -0500
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "XFS development tree".

The annotated tag, v2.6.27.47 has been created
        at  5b9a9a606e88cd63cf66ec833533331a86f2ed1c (tag)
   tagging  a9a5c1f8a527bd150ce044b8c9acce1c97c557a4 (commit)
  replaces  v2.6.27.46
 tagged by  Greg Kroah-Hartman
        on  Wed May 26 14:27:30 2010 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This is the stable release
Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (GNU/Linux)


Al Viro (1):
      nfs d_revalidate() is too trigger-happy with d_drop()

Alan Cox (1):
      nfsd: fix vm overcommit crash

Aneesh Kumar K.V (7):
      ext4: invalidate pages if delalloc block allocation fails.
      ext4: Make sure all the block allocation paths reserve blocks
      ext4: Add percpu dirty block accounting.
      ext4: Retry block reservation
      ext4: Retry block allocation if we have free blocks left
      ext4: Use tag dirty lookup during mpage_da_submit_io
      vfs: Remove the range_cont writeback mode.

Chuck Lever (1):
      NFS: rsize and wsize settings ignored on v4 mounts

Dan Carpenter (2):
      ALSA: mixart: range checking proc file
      USB: fix testing the wrong variable in fs_create_by_name()

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):

Jean Delvare (4):
      i2c: Fix probing of FSC hardware monitoring chips
      hwmon: (w83781d) Request I/O ports individually for probing
      i2c-i801: Don't use the block buffer for I2C block writes
      i2c-tiny-usb: Fix on big-endian systems

Jeff Garzik (1):
      libata: ensure NCQ error result taskfile is fully initialized before 
returning it via qc->result_tf.

Junjiro R. Okajima (1):
      nfsd: fix vm overcommit crash fix #2

Mingming Cao (1):
      percpu counter: clean up percpu_counter_sum_and_set()

Neil Brown (1):
      nfsd4: bug in read_buf

Oleg Nesterov (1):
      tty: release_one_tty() forgets to put pids

Suresh Siddha (1):
      clockevent: Prevent dead lock on clockevents_lock

Tejun Heo (1):
      libata: retry FS IOs even if it has failed with AC_ERR_INVALID

Tom Tucker (1):
      svc: Clean up deferred requests on transport destruction

Tomas Henzl (1):
      megaraid_sas: fix for 32bit apps

Wang Sheng-Hui (1):
      trace: Fix inappropriate substraction on tracing_pages_allocated in 


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