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[XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.27.46, created. v

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.27.46, created. v2.6.27.46
From: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:47:51 -0500
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "XFS development tree".

The annotated tag, v2.6.27.46 has been created
        at  20056fd296ea19dad1406e90fbb48b5e8a58be59 (tag)
   tagging  ce8838c66d56085122fb275c1f7d3821245fca54 (commit)
  replaces  v2.6.27.45
 tagged by  Greg Kroah-Hartman
        on  Thu Apr 1 15:53:48 2010 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This is the stable release
Version: GnuPG v2.0.9 (GNU/Linux)


Al Viro (1):
      fix LOOKUP_FOLLOW on automount "symlinks"

Alan Stern (3):
      EHCI: fix bug in keeping track of resuming ports
      USB: EHCI: fix counting of transaction error retries
      USB: fix usbfs regression

Avi Kivity (2):
      KVM: x86 emulator: limit instructions to 15 bytes
      KVM: VMX: Check cpl before emulating debug register access

Ben Hutchings (1):
      drm/r128: Add test for initialisation to all ioctls that require it

Dean Nelson (1):
      hwmon: (coretemp) Add missing newline to dev_warn() message

Dick Hollenbeck (1):
      serial: 8250: add serial transmitter fully empty test

Eric Dumazet (1):
      tc: Fix unitialized kernel memory leak

Francesco Lavra (1):
      V4L/DVB (13961): em28xx-dvb: fix memleak in dvb_fini()

Greg KH (1):
      USB: usbfs: only copy the actual data received

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):

Ingo Molnar (1):
      sched: fine-tune SD_SIBLING_INIT

Jarek Poplawski (1):
      ax25: Fix possible oops in ax25_make_new

Jean Delvare (1):
      hwmon: (lm78) Fix I/O resource conflict with PNP

Jiri Pirko (1):
      bonding: ignore updelay param when there is no active slave

Jiri Slaby (2):
      resource: add helpers for fetching rlimits
      x86, ia32_aout: do not kill argument mapping

KOSAKI Motohiro (4):
      tmpfs: mpol=bind:0 don't cause mount error.
      tmpfs: handle MPOL_LOCAL mount option properly
      doc: add the documentation for mpol=local
      tmpfs: cleanup mpol_parse_str()

Linus Torvalds (3):
      Fix potential crash with sys_move_pages
      Fix race in tty_fasync() properly
      USB: usbfs: properly clean up the as structure on error paths

Marcelo Tosatti (1):
      KVM: x86: check for cr3 validity in ioctl_set_sregs

Michael Buesch (1):
      parisc: isa-eeprom - Fix loff_t usage

Mika Westerberg (1):
      UBI: fix volume creation input checking

Mike Galbraith (1):
      sched: fine-tune SD_MC_INIT

Mike McCormack (1):
      sky2: Set SKY2_HW_RAM_BUFFER in sky2_init

Miklos Szeredi (1):
      net: unix: fix sending fds in multiple buffers

Neil Horman (1):
      coredump: suppress uid comparison test if core output files are pipes

Peter Zijlstra (2):
      printk: robustify printk, fix #2
      sched: wakeup preempt when small overlap

Raimonds Cicans (1):
      r8169: Fix receive buffer length when MTU is between 1515 and 1536

Ravikiran G Thirumalai (1):
      tmpfs: fix oops on mounts with mpol=default

Robert Varga (1):
      tcp: fix CONFIG_TCP_MD5SIG + CONFIG_PREEMPT timer BUG()

Salman Qazi (1):
      drivers/char/mem.c: avoid OOM lockup during large reads from /dev/zero

Samuel Thibault (1):
      x86: fix csum_ipv6_magic asm memory clobber

Sascha Hlusiak (1):
      sit: fix off-by-one in ipip6_tunnel_get_prl

Stanislav Brabec (1):
      b44 WOL setup: one-bit-off stack corruption kernel panic fix

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (1):
      i2c: Do not use device name after device_unregister

Theodore Ts'o (1):
      ext4: Avoid null pointer dereference when decoding EROFS w/o a journal

Thomas Gleixner (2):
      futex: Handle futex value corruption gracefully
      futex: Handle user space corruption gracefully


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