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[XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.18.5, created. v2

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, v2.6.18.5, created. v2.6.18.5
From: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:44:01 -0500
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "XFS development tree".

The annotated tag, v2.6.18.5 has been created
        at  7b8fe5226d492369633a5ccd072cf86f5c067685 (tag)
   tagging  291a77474631709cf3e68d3cb0e9241af4b26bad (commit)
  replaces  v2.6.18.4
 tagged by  Chris Wright
        on  Fri Dec 1 16:13:05 2006 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This is the stable release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.5 (GNU/Linux)


Chris Wright (1):

Daniel Ritz (1):
      pcmcia: fix 'rmmod pcmcia' with unbound devices

David S. Miller (1):
      BLUETOOTH: Fix unaligned access in hci_send_to_sock.

Fernando J. Pereda (1):
      alpha: Fix ALPHA_EV56 dependencies typo

Ira W. Snyder (1):
      TG3: Add missing unlock in tg3_open() error path.

Laurent Riffard (1):
      softmac: fix a slab corruption in WEP restricted key association

Linus Torvalds (1):
      AGP: Allocate AGP pages with GFP_DMA32 by default

Maciej W. Rozycki (1):
      V4L: Do not enable VIDEO_V4L2 unconditionally

Michael Buesch (1):
      bcm43xx: Drain TX status before starting IRQs

Miklos Szeredi (1):
      fuse: fix Oops in lookup

Olaf Kirch (1):
      UDP: Make udp_encap_rcv use pskb_may_pull

Patrick McHardy (9):
      NETFILTER: Missing check for CAP_NET_ADMIN in iptables compat layer
      NETFILTER: ip_tables: compat error way cleanup
      NETFILTER: ip_tables: fix module refcount leaks in compat error paths
      NETFILTER: Missed and reordered checks in {arp,ip,ip6}_tables
      NETFILTER: arp_tables: missing unregistration on module unload
      NETFILTER: Honour source routing for LVS-NAT
      NETFILTER: Kconfig: fix xt_physdev dependencies
      NETFILTER: xt_CONNSECMARK: fix Kconfig dependencies
      NETFILTER: H.323 conntrack: fix crash with CONFIG_IP_NF_CT_ACCT

Robin Holt (1):
      IA64: bte_unaligned_copy() transfers one extra cache line.

Shaohua Li (1):
      x86 microcode: don't check the size

Tejun Heo (1):
      scsi: clear garbage after CDBs on SG_IO

YOSHIFUJI Hideaki (1):
      IPV6: Fix address/interface handling in UDP and DCCP, according to the 
scoping architecture.


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