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[XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, kernel-source-

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [XFS updates] XFS development tree annotated tag, kernel-source-, created. kernel-source-
From: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:40:24 -0500
This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "XFS development tree".

The annotated tag, kernel-source- has been created
        at  8260dca8bbcd8ffcde320607acf4490e7cefcbab (tag)
   tagging  430e5b28bd975aba0ed20902b9f5b5ce3296aae0 (commit)
  replaces  v2.6.32
 tagged by  Ben Myers
        on  Tue Sep 6 15:15:57 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Includes all patches from Novell's kernel-source- source rpm.

(sivanich@xxxxxxx (1):
      UV: Use replicated RTC cachelines with hub 2.0

(tee@xxxxxxx (1):
      UV: determine revision id of the node controller chip

Ajit Khaparde (15):
      qlge: Use the instance of net_device_stats from net_device.
      netxen: Use the instance of net_device_stats from net_device.
      ixgbe: Use the instance of net_device_stats from net_device.
      ixgbe: Fix erroneous display of stats by ethtool -S
      be2net: set proper value to version field in req hdr
      be2net: remove ASIC generation number from Kconfig
      be2net: change the driver description
      be2net: fix to limit max vlans supported in certain skews
      be2net: minor code optimizations
      be2net: bug fix in be_read_eeprom
      be2net: bug fix for flashing the BladeEngine3 ASIC
      be2net: remove unused pci device id
      be2net: bug fix in be_change_mtu
      be2net: fix mccq create for big endian architectures
      be2net: fix bug in vlan rx path for big endian architecture

Alexander Duyck (11):
      igb: add new data structure for handling interrupts and NAPI
      igb: cleanup interrupt enablement in regards to msix_other
      igb: cleanup some of the code related to hw timestamping
      igb: use packet buffer sizes from RXPBS register
      igb: add support for the 82580 phy
      igb: Add full support for 82580 devices
      igb: add support for 82580 MAC
      igb: check both function bits in status register in wol exception
      igb: add support for Intel I350 Gigabit Network Connection
      tg3: remove use of skb_dma_map/unmap
      ixgbe: Only set/clear VFE in ixgbe_set_rx_mode

Alexander Graf (5):
      Allow KVM to be built as KMP
      Split paravirt ops by functionality
      Only export selected pv-ops feature structs
      Split the KVM pv-ops support by feature
      Replace kvm io delay pv-ops with linux magic

Alexander Schmidt (3):
      ib/ehca: allow access by query_qp()
      ib/ehca: Do not turn off irqs in tasklet context
      ib/ehca: fix in_wc handling in process_mad()

Alexey Dobriyan (4):
      gre: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
      tunnels: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
      drivers/net/: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE()
      drivers/net/: use DEFINE_PCI_DEVICE_TABLE()

Ali Gholami Rudi (1):
      ixgbe: r_idx not used in ixgbe_msix_clean_rx()

Alok Kataria (2):
      vmw_pvscsi: SCSI driver for VMware's virtual HBA.
      vmw_pvscsi: SCSI driver for VMware's virtual HBA.

Amerigo Wang (1):
      ipc: remove unreachable code

Amit Kumar Salecha (9):
      netxen: remove sub 64-bit mem accesses
      netxen: defines for next revision
      netxen: 128 memory controller support
      netxen: reset sequence changes
      netxen: onchip memory access change
      netxen: support for new firmware file format
      netxen: remove PCI IDs of CNA device
      netxen: fix failure cases for fw hang recovery
      netxen: 8f9b3f to c651a8

Anders Johansson (1):
      Oops in novfs:unlink_local

Andi Kleen (16):
      HWPOISON: Undefine short-hand macros after use to avoid namespace conflict
      HWPOISON: Be more aggressive at freeing non LRU caches
      HWPOISON: Turn ref argument into flags argument
      HWPOISON: Add a madvise() injector for soft page offlining
      HWPOISON: Use get_user_page_fast in hwpoison madvise
      HWPOISON: Add soft page offline support
      HWPOISON: add memory cgroup filter
      HWPOISON: mention HWPoison in Kconfig entry
      HWPOISON: Use correct name for MADV_HWPOISON in documentation
      HWPOISON: Use new shake_page in memory_failure
      HWPOISON: Don't do early filtering if filter is disabled
      HWPOISON: Try to allocate migration page on the same node
      HWPOISON: Remove stray phrase in a comment
      x86, mce: Xeon75xx specific interface to get corrected memory error 
      x86, mce: Xeon75xx specific interface to get corrected memory error 
      Fix stack unwinder Kconfig

Andre Detsch (1):
      tg3: Fix INTx fallback when MSI fails

Andrea Arcangeli (5):
      [PATCH seccomp: make tsc disabling optional
      Race condition in userspace testcase
      Tell the end user they should not worry about GFP_ATOMIC failures
      Have mmu_notifiers use SRCU so they may safely schedule
      [PATCH seccomp: make tsc disabling optional

Andreas Gruenbacher (12):
      Add the CONFIG_SUSE_KERNEL option
      Hide the build hostname
      Add ``cloneconfig'' target
      Novell/external support flag in modules
      genksyms: add --override flag
      Disable file capabilities by default; file_caps=<0|1> option
      Add match_string() for mount option parsing
      VFS hooks for per-filesystem permission models
      Allow filesystems to handle MAY_APPEND
      NFSv4 ACL in-memory representation and manipulation
      NFSv4 ACLs for ext3
      Implement those parts of Automatic Inheritance (AI) which are safe under 

Andreas Schwab (1):
      Add compat handler for PTRACE_GETSIGINFO

Andrew Vasquez (3):
      qla2xxx driver update to
      qla2xxx driver update to
      SLES11 SP1 GMC kernel not identifying qla2xxx LUNs

Andy Whitcroft (2):
      AppArmor: fix operator precidence issue in as_path_link
      AppArmor: fix argument size missmatch on 64 bit builds

Anil Ravindranath (1):
      Backport fixes for pmcraid from 2.6.33

Anil Veerabhadrappa (2):
      bnx2i bugfixes from mainline
      bnx2i: Bug fixes related to MTU changes

Anton Blanchard (4):
      percpu_counter: Make __percpu_counter_add an inline function on UP
      sched: cpuacct: Use bigger percpu counter batch values for stats counters
      powerpc: Add form 1 NUMA affinity
      powerpc/pseries: Fix xics interrupt affinity

Arjan van de Ven (4):
      fastboot: remove "wait for all devices before mounting root" delay
      enable async_enabled by default
      Silence acer wmi driver on non-acer machines
      jbd: longer commit interval

Avi Kivity (2):
      KVM: Bump maximum vcpu count to 64
      KVM: avoid taking ioapic mutex for non-ioapic EOIs

Babu Moger (1):
      scsi_dh_rdac: Add two new IBM devices

Ben Hutchings (1):
      dmfe/tulip: Let dmfe handle DM910x except for SPARC on-board chips

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (4):
      mutex: Don't spin when the owner CPU is offline or other weird cases
      Fix deadlock when acquiring mutex while holding BKL
      powerpc/pseries: Pass more accurate number of supported cores to firmware
      powerpc/pseries: Flush lazy kernel mappings after unplug operations

Benjamin Li (1):
      cnic: Give a chance for the uio device to be opened

Bernhard Walle (2):
      Fix performance regression on large IA64 systems
      Strip L2^B symbols

Bhanu Prakash Gollapudi (1):
      libfcoe: Send port LKA every FIP_VN_KA_PERIOD secs.

Bill O'Donnel (1):
      xfs/dmapi: fix crash on mount

Bjorn Helgaas (6):
      PCI: split up pci_read_bridge_bases()
      PCI: read bridge windows before filling in subtractive decode resources
      PCI: add pci_bus_for_each_resource(), remove direct bus->resource[] refs
      PCI: augment bus resource table with a list
      x86/PCI: use host bridge _CRS info by default on 2008 and newer machines
      x86/PCI: truncate _CRS windows with _LEN > _MAX - _MIN + 1

Bo Yang (1):
      Update megaraid sas to version 4.27

Borislav Petkov (3):
      x86, cpu: mv display_cacheinfo -> cpu_detect_cache_sizes
      x86, k8 nb: Fix boot crash: enable k8_northbridges unconditionally on AMD 
      x86, cpu: mv display_cacheinfo -> cpu_detect_cache_sizes

Brandon Philips (4):
      Avoid oops on G33 in 1MB stolen Mem case
      bnx2: entropy source
      tg3: entropy source
      uvcvideo: ignore hue control for 5986:0241

Breno Leitao (3):
      powerpc/eeh: Fix a bug when pci structure is null
      s2io: fixing DBG_PRINT() macro
      cxgb3: Fixing EEH handlers

Brian King (3):
      kdump support for CMM
      ibmvfc: Fix command completion handling
      ibmvfc: Reduce error recovery timeout

Bruce Allan (1):
      e1000e: call pci_save_state() after pci_restore_state()

Carolyn Wyborny (1):
      igb: Add support for 82576 ET2 Quad Port Server Adapter

Chandra Seetharaman (4):
      scsi_dh: Change the scsidh_activate interface to be asynchronous
      scsi_dh: Make rdac hardware handler's activate() async
      scsi_dh: Make hp hardware handler's activate() async
      scsi_dh: Make alua hardware handler's activate() async

Charles Chin (1):
      ALSA: hda - Add support for IDT 92HD88 family codecs

Chris Leech (20):
      libfc: changes to libfc_host_alloc to consolidate initialization with 
      libfc: add some generic NPIV support routines to libfc
      libfc: vport link handling and fc_vport state managment
      libfc, libfcoe: FDISC ELS for NPIV
      libfcoe, fcoe: libfcoe NPIV support
      fcoe: add a separate scsi transport template for NPIV vports
      fcoe: NPIV vport create/destroy
      libfc: RPN_ID is obsolete and unnecessary
      libfc: RNN_ID may be required before RSNN_NN with some switches
      libfc: Register Symbolic Node Name (RSNN_NN)
      libfc: Register Symbolic Port Name (RSPN_ID)
      libfc: combine name server registration response handlers
      libfc: combine name server registration request functions
      fcoe: vport symbolic name support
      libfc, fcoe: fixes for highmem skb linearize panics
      fcoe: allow SCSI-FCP to be processed directly in softirq context
      reduce hold time on SCSI host lock
      fcoe: reset FIP ctlr link state on disable/enable
      fcoe: check netif operstate instead of IFF_UP & link state
      ixgbe: filter FIP frames into the FCoE offload queues

Chris Mason (4):
      increase defaults for shmmall, shmmax, msgmax and msgmnb
      Make proc_event_num_listeners __read_mostly
      make ext3 mount default to barrier=1
      slab testing module

Christian Ehrhardt (2):
      sched: Make tunable scaling style configurable
      sched: Update normalized values on user updates via proc

Christof Schmitt (4):
      scsi_transport_fc: Introduce helper function for blocking scsi_eh
      scsi: Allow FC LLD to fast-fail scsi eh
      zfcp: Pass return code from fc_block_scsi_eh to scsi eh
      libfc: Add target reset flag to FCP header file

Christoph Hellwig (14):
      ocfs: stop using do_sync_mapping_range
      xfs: reset the i_iolock lock class in the reclaim path
      xfs: use WRITE_SYNC_PLUG for synchronous writeout
      xfs: remove IO_ISAIO
      xfs: simplify xfs_buf_get / xfs_buf_read interfaces
      xfs: rename xfs_attr_fetch to xfs_attr_get_int
      xfs: uninline xfs_get_extsz_hint
      xfs: kill the STATIC_INLINE macro
      xfs: remove incorrect sparse annotation for xfs_iget_cache_miss
      xfs: cleanup dmapi macros in the umount path
      xfs: cleanup bmap extent state macros
      xfs: change the xfs_iext_insert / xfs_iext_remove
      xfs: kill xfs_bmbt_rec_32/64 types
      kill I_LOCK

Cliff Wickman (3):
      x86 / UV: BAU performance and error recovery
      x86 / UV: TLB shootdown (BAU) update

Coly Li (3):
      ocfs2: explicit declare uninitialized var in user_cluster_connect()
      ocfs2: replace u8 by __u8 in ocfs2_fs.h
      ocfs2: fix warning in ocfs2_file_aio_write()

Cyrill Gorcunov (1):
      Staging: hv: Fix up memory leak on HvCleanup

Dan Magenheimer (1):
      Transcendent memory ("tmem") for Linux

Daniel Vetter (3):
      drm/i915: implement drmmode overlay support v4
      drm/i915: fully switch off overlay when not in use
      drm/i915: implement fastpath for overlay flip waiting

Darrick J. Wong (2):
      x86: calgary - increase max phb bus number
      ACPI: Fix regression where _PPC is not read at boot even when ignore_ppc=0

Dave Chinner (5):
      xfs: improve metadata I/O merging in the elevator
      XFS: Free buffer pages array unconditionally
      xfs: Remove inode iolock held check during allocation
      xfs: fix missing error check in xfs_rtfree_range
      xfs: add a shrinker to background inode reclaim

Dave Jones (2):
      x86: Remove the CPU cache size printk's
      Fix cast warning in pcc driver.

David J. Wilder (1):
      Correct rqstp->rq_respages calculation

David Riddoch (2):

David Santinoli (1):
      ALSA: hda/realtek: quirk for D945GCLF2 mainboard

David Teigland (4):
      dlm: always use GFP_NOFS
      dlm: fix ordering of bast and cast
      dlm: send reply before bast
      dlm: use bastmode in debugfs output

David Wagner (4):
      qla2xxx: Updates to sync with 2.6.33-rc8 and scsi-misc-2.6
      qla2xxx: minor updates and fixes from upstream
      qla2xxx: minor updates and fixes from upstream
      qla2xxx: Minor updates and fixes from upstream

Davide Libenzi (1):
      eventfd - allow atomic read and waitqueue remove

Dean Roe (1):
      Prevent NULL pointer deref in grab_swap_token

Dhananjay Phadke (11):
      netxen: add access to on chip memory for tools
      netxen: annotate register windowing code
      netxen: separate register and memory access lock
      netxen: add sysfs entries for diag tools
      netxen: fix error codes in for tools access
      netxen; update version to 4.0.62
      netxen: refactor indirect register access
      netxen: add PCI IDs for new chip
      netxen: update module info
      netxen: module firmware hints
      netxen: update version to 4.0.65

Dimitri Sivanich (10):
      x86: UV RTC: Fix early expiry handling
      x86: UV RTC: Add clocksource only boot option
      x86: UV RTC: Clean up error handling
      x86: UV RTC: Rename generic_interrupt to x86_platform_ipi
      x86: UV RTC: Always enable RTC clocksource
      x86: SGI UV: Fix irq affinity for hub based interrupts
      x86, apic: Move SGI UV functionality out of generic IO-APIC code
      Expose the irq_desc node as /proc/irq/*/node.
      x86: Speed up microcode.ctl on SGI UV
      configure HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK for SGI_SN systems

Dirk Mueller (1):
      setfont breaks first Xserver start

Divy Le Ray (4):
      cxgb3: add memory barriers
      cxgb3: fix GRO checksum check
      cxgb3: FIx VLAN over Jumbo frames
      cxgb3: fix link flap

Don Skidmore (3):
      ixgbe: add support for 82599 based Express Module X520-P2
      ixgbe: Fix KR to KX fail over for Mezzanine cards
      ixgbe: LINKS2 is not a valid register for 82598

Donald Douwsma (3):
      DMAPI Source
      VFS changes to support DMAPI
      DMAPI support for xfs

Dongxiao Xu (3):
      Netback: Generalize static/global variables into 'struct xen_netbk'.
      Netback: Multiple tasklets support.
      Use Kernel thread to replace the tasklet.

Egbert Eich (2):
      Cleanup and make boot splash work with KMS
      Add bootsplash image scaler

Eilon Greenstein (1):
      bnx2x to version 1.52.1-7 a3aa18 to c16cc0

Eric Dumazet (2):
      net: Add netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align() helper
      net: Use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align()

Eric W. Biederman (2):
      x86: Fix out of order of gsi
      x86: Fix out of order of gsi

FUJITA Tomonori (2):
      fix SBA IOMMU to handle allocation failure properly
      compat_ioct: fix bsg SG_IO

Frank Arnold (1):
      x86, cacheinfo: Turn off L3 cache index disable feature in virtualized 

Frank Blaschka (2):
      ctcm: suspend has to wait for outstanding I/O
      qeth: rework TSO functions

Gautham R Shenoy (5):
      Pseries: extended_cede_processor() helper function.
      Pseries: Add hooks to put the CPU into an appropriate offline state
      Pseries: Add code to online/offline CPUs of a DLPAR node.
      Pseries: Serialize cpu hotplug operations during deactivate Vs deallocate
      Incremental patch set to sync H_CEDE with actual mainline

Gerald Schaefer (65):
      Kernel message catalog.
      qeth: Exploit QDIO Data Connection Isolation
      zcrypt: initialize ap_messages for cex3 exploitation
      zcrypt: special command support for cex3 exploitation
      zcrypt: add support for cex3 device types
      zcrypt: use definitions for cex3
      zcrypt: adjust speed rating between cex2 and pcixcc
      zcrypt: adjust speed rating of cex3 adapters
      zcrypt: Do not simultaneously schedule hrtimer
      kernel: performance counter fix and page fault optimization
      kernel: fix dump indicator
      dasd: move diag kmsg to generic dasd kmsg
      cio: device recovery stalls after multiple hardware events
      cio: device recovery fails after concurrent hardware changes
      cio: setting a device online or offline fails for unknown reasons
      cio: incorrect device state after device recognition and recovery
      cio: initialization of I/O devices fails
      cio: not operational devices cannot be deactivated
      cio: erratic DASD I/O behavior
      cio: DASD cannot be set online
      cio: DASD steal lock task hangs
      cio: memory leaks when checking unusable devices
      cio: deactivated devices can cause use after free panic
      cmm: free pages on hibernate.
      iucv: add work_queue cleanup for suspend
      zfcp: Assign scheduled work to driver queue
      zfcp: Don't fail SCSI commands when transitioning to blocked fc_rport
      zfcp: Improve ELS ADISC handling
      zfcp: Update FSF error reporting
      zfcp: Block SCSI EH thread for rport state BLOCKED
      kernel: improve code generated by atomic operations.
      tape: incomplete device removal
      qeth: set default BLKT settings dependend on OSA hw level
      dasd: enable prefix independent of pav support
      dasd: let device initialization wait for LCU setup
      zfcp: introduce BSG timeout callback
      zfcp: set HW timeout requested by BSG request
      cio: channel path vary operation has no effect
      dasd: fix online/offline race
      zfcp: cancel all pending work for a to be removed zfcp_port.
      zfcp: report BSG errors in correct field.
      qdio: continue polling for buffer state ERROR
      qdio: prevent kernel bug message in interrupt handler.
      hvc_iucv: allocate IUCV send/receive buffers in DMA zone
      vdso: glibc does not use vdso functions
      dasd: Fix refcounting.
      dasd: Correct offline processing.
      qeth: avoid recovery during device online setting
      zfcp: Remove attached ports and units correctly.
      qeth: l3 send dhcp in non pass thru mode
      qeth: change checksumming default for HiperSockets
      zcore: CPU registers may not be saved under LPAR
      cio: fix drvdata usage for the console subchannel
      dasd: fix alignment of transport mode recovery TCW
      zfcp: Remove lock dependency on CCW remove.
      zfcp: Remove lock dependency on unit add.
      zfcp: Remove lock dependency on unit remove.
      callhome: fix broken proc interface and activate compid
      vmalloc: ipl failure with enabled memory cgroups
      nss: add missing .previous statement to asm function
      zcore: Fix reipl device detection
      vdso: use ntp adjusted clock multiplier
      vdso: add missing vdso_install target.
      dasd: fix race between tasklet and dasd_sleep_on
      scsi_transport_fc: Allow LLD to reset FC BSG timeout

Gerd Hoffmann (1):
      backward compatibility

Gleb Natapov (9):
      KVM: Call pic_clear_isr() on pic reset to reuse logic there
      KVM: Move irq sharing information to irqchip level
      KVM: Change irq routing table to use gsi indexed array
      KVM: Maintain back mapping from irqchip/pin to gsi
      KVM: Move irq routing data structure to rcu locking
      KVM: Move irq ack notifier list to arch independent code
      KVM: Convert irq notifiers lists to RCU locking
      KVM: Move IO APIC to its own lock
      KVM: Drop kvm->irq_lock lock from irq injection path

Goldwyn Rodrigues (1):
      STK arrays missing from rdac devicehandler

Greg Banks (1):
      Make NFSD DMAPI aware

Greg Kroah-Hartman (25):
      KABI: fix up struct hrtimer_cpu_base change
      novfs: Add the Novell filesystem client kernel module
      USB: change default delay time for usb-storage devices
      Revert "USB: remove phidget drivers from kernel tree."

H. Peter Anvin (1):
      x86, mce: Rename cpu_specific_poll to mce_cpu_specific_poll

HP (Andrew Patterson (1):
      add support for PCI domains to aer_inject

Haicheng Li (2):
      HWPOISON: add an interface to switch off/on all the page filters
      x86: map hotadded cpu to correct node

Haiyang Zhang (1):
      Staging: hv: Fix a bug affecting IPv6

Hannes Reinecke (38):
      gdth: Fixup section annotations
      Fixup missing annotations
      INQUIRY result too short (5) message flood
      Netlink interface for SCSI sense codes
      Update MPT Fusion driver to
      hpsa: New driver SCSI driver for HP Smart Array
      hpsa: unmap ioctl xfer buffer correctly
      Kernel bug triggered in multipath
      Retry ALUA device handler initialization on Unit Attention
      Add TGPS setting to scsi devices
      Always send STPG for explicit tgps mode
      DM-MPIO fails to tresspass LUNs on CLARiiON arrays
      Server crashes when path failures occur against EMC storage
      Remove capping from dev_loss_tmo
      sd: spurious error messages in READ_CAPACITY(16)
      sd: retry read_capacity on UNIT_ATTENTION
      megaraid: Update megaraid_sas to version 04.12
      aic79xx: check for non-NULL scb in ahd_handle_nonpkt_busfree
      Protect against overflow in dev_loss_tmo
      Fixup compilation warnings in ipr
      Race between blk_abort_queue() and scsi_requeue_request()
      Enable retries for SYNCRONIZE_CACHE commands to fix I/O error
      cciss causes kernel WARNING with intel_iommu=on
      Tehuti network driver references wrong firmware
      Wrong annotation for dmar_ir_support()
      Implement 'no_partition_scan' commandline option
      Emulate BLKRRPART on device-mapper
      Reattach device handler for multipath devices
      Update least-pending-IO dynamic load balancer
      Accept failed paths for multipath maps
      multipath: detach existing hardware handler if none was specified
      Allow zero paths for multipath priority groups
      dm multipath devices are not getting created for readonly devices
      multipath: Evaluate request result and sense code
      DM-MPIO fails to tresspass LUNs on CLARiiON arrays
      Disable partitions scan for multipathed devices
      kernel Oops in multipathing after chchp -v 0
      Compile warning in dm-least-pending

Harald Welte (1):
      netfilter ipv4options match from patch-o-matic-ng

Hedi Berriche (2):
      Fix broken sn2 build
      init: Increase pid_max based on num_possible_cpus v4

Heiko Carstens (1):
      memory hotplug: allow setting of phys_device

Heinz Mauelshagen (1):
      DMRAID45 module

Hidetoshi Seto (3):
      sched: Fix granularity of task_u/stime()
      sched, time: Define nsecs_to_jiffies()
      sched, cputime: Introduce thread_group_times()

Huang Ying (2):
      crypto: ghash - Add PCLMULQDQ accelerated implementation
      x86, MCE, fix MSR_IA32_MCI_CTL2 CMCI threshold setup

Hugh Daschbach (2):
      libfc: Fix e_d_tov ns -> ms scaling factor in PLOGI response
      libfc: Don't assume response request present.

IBM (1):
      Use apic=bigsmp on specific xseries machines

Isaku Yamahata (1):
      linux/pci: reserve io/memory space for bridge

Jack Steiner (11):
      x86: UV SGI: Don't track GRU space in PAT
      x86: UV: Introduce uv_hub_ipi_value
      x86: SGI UV: Map low MMR ranges
      SGI GRU Updates
      x86 / UV: Fix bug in uv_global_gru_mmr_address macro
      x86 / UV: Update UV mmr definitions header file
      x86 / UV: Fix target_cpus() in x2apic_uv_x.c
      x86, UV: Delete unneeded boot messages
      Fix unmap_vma bug related to mmu_notifiers
      independent rotors for slab and pagecache
      x86: UV SGI: Don't track GRU space in PAT

James Bottomley (3):
      scsi_transport_sas: add support for transport layer retries (TLR)
      eliminate potential kmalloc failure in scsi_get_vpd_page()
      Retry commands with UNIT_ATTENTION sense codes

James Smart (2):
      lpfc update to 8.3.5
      Patch to update Emulex LPFC driver to

Jamie Barry (1):
      Update lpfc from to

Jan Blunck (2):
      ARM: move mach-types.h to arch/include/asm
      ia64-kvm: fix sparse warnings

Jan Kara (6):
      Update readahead and max_sectors tunables
      ocfs2: Always include ACL support
      ocfs2: Make acl use the default
      ocfs2: Set MS_POSIXACL on remount
      zisofs: Implement reading of compressed files when PAGE_CACHE_SIZE > 
compress block size
      Allow setting of number of raw devices as a module parameter

Jan Kiszka (5):
      KVM: x86: Extend KVM_SET_VCPU_EVENTS with selective updates
      KVM: x86: Adjust KVM_VCPUEVENT flag names
      KVM: x86: Do not return soft events in vcpu_events
      KVM: x86: Save&restore interrupt shadow mask

Jaroslav Kysela (1):
      LTC23987-iptables LOG output shows too long MAC info

Jason Wessel (1):
      printk,kdb: capture printk() when in kdb shell

Jayamohan Kallickal (1):
      Update Emulex UCNA Open iSCSI driver for SLES11 SP1

Jeff Liu (1):
      ocfs2-devel: remove redundant OCFS2_MOUNT_POSIX_ACL check in 

Jeff Mahoney (39):
      psmouse: fix section type conflict
      ipmi: Fix section type conflicts
      md: Fix section conflicts
      kbuild: Properly handle arch/$arch/include/asm
      vme/tsi148: Depend on VIRT_TO_BUS
      staging: Complete sched.h removal from interrupt.h
      powerpc: use min_t in copy_oldmem_page
      firmware: Allow release-specific firmware dir
      Add SPLIT_PACKAGE option
      Export supported status via sysfs
      Make the supported flag configurable at build time
      Export release_open_intent for NFS branches with aufs
      Export security_inode_permission for aufs
      hung_task_timeout: configurable default
      delayacct: align to 8 byte boundary on 64-bit systems
      dmar: Fix oops with no DMAR table
      mm: re-export handle_mm_fault for Mac On Linux
      powerpc: fix handling of strnlen with zero len
      s390: Define FREE_PTE_NR
      ds1682: compile fix
      acpi: export acpi_os_hotplug_execute
      ext3: always mark super uptodate before dirty
      reiserfs: Properly honor read-only devices
      Make reiserfs default to barrier=flush
      reiserfs: fix oops while creating privroot with selinux enabled
      reiserfs: Fix permissions on .reiserfs_priv
      xfs: export assertion handler
      xfs/dmapi: Re-add flags for xfs_free_eofblocks
      Fix initialization of ipv4_route_lock
      netfilter: Remove pointless CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT warning
      scsi: iterate over devices individually for /proc/scsi/scsi
      scsi_debug: scale virtual_gb with sector_size properly
      AppArmor: fix build failure on ia64
      apparmor: ptrace_may_access -> ptrace_access_check
      AppArmor: Fix security_ops->task_setrlimit API use
      kdb: Build fixes
      kdb: Use $srctree not $TOPDIR in Makefile
      kdb: Cleanup KDB_USB

Jesse Brandeburg (3):
      ixgbe: change default ring size
      ixgbe: performance tweaks
      ixgbe: use EIAM to automask MSI-X

Jing Huang (1):
      Update bfa driver to version

Jiri Benc (4):
      Enable e1000 as entropy source (disabled by default)
      Enable e1000e as entropy source (disabled by default)
      Enable igb as entropy source (disabled by default)
      Enable ixgbe as entropy source (disabled by default)

Jiri Bohac (3):
      allow 64-bit mode for HPET Timer0
      connection tracking helper for SLP
      allow bonding with blacklisted ipv6

Jiri Kosina (4):
      CFQ: turn 'low_latency' knob off by default
      Revert module.c and module.h changes from -stable update
      Elo USB touchscreen driver
      Input: Add Acer Aspire 5710 to nomux blacklist

Jiri Slaby (20):
      use helpers for rlimits
      posix-cpu-timers: cleanup rlimits usage
      powerpc: Use helpers for rlimits
      use helpers for rlimits
      SPARC: use helpers for rlimits
      x86: Use helpers for rlimits
      fs: use rlimit helpers
      mm: use rlimit helpers
      kernel core: use helpers for rlimits
      RDMA: Use rlimit helpers
      ipc: use helpers for rlimits
      SECURITY: add task_struct to setrlimit
      core: add task_struct to update_rlimit_cpu
      core: split sys_setrlimit
      core: allow setrlimit to non-current tasks
      core: optimize setrlimit for current task
      FS: proc, switch limits reading to fops
      FS: proc, make limits writable
      core: do security check under task_lock
      disable memory cgroup if low lowmem

Joe (1):
      Select MMU_NOTIFIER for SGI_XP

Joe Eykholt (14):
      libfcoe: Allow FIP to be disabled by the driver
      libfcoe: fip: use SCSI host number to identify debug messages.
      libfcoe: fip: allow FIP receive to be called from IRQ.
      libfcoe: FIP should report link to libfc whether selected or not
      libfcoe: don't send ELS in FIP mode if no FCF selected
      libfc: fix RNN_ID smashing skb payload
      libfc: fix symbolic name registrations smashing skb data
      libfc: fix fc_els_resp_type to correct display of CT responses
      libfc: add set_fid function to libfc template
      libfc: add host number to lport link up/down messages.
      libfcoe: fcoe: simplify receive FLOGI response
      libfc: register FC4 features with the FC switch
      libfc fcoe: increase ELS and CT timeouts
      libfc: set seq_id for incoming sequence

Joe Perches (4):
      fs/ocfs2/cluster/tcp.c: remove use of NIPQUAD, use %pI4
      drivers/net: Move && and || to end of previous line
      drivers/net: Move && and || to end of previous line
      drivers/net: request_irq - Remove unnecessary leading & from second arg

Joel Becker (27):
      ocfs2: Introduce ocfs2_xa_loc
      ocfs2: Remove xattrs via ocfs2_xa_loc
      ocfs2: Prefix the member fields of struct ocfs2_xattr_info.
      ocfs2: Add a name_len field to ocfs2_xattr_info.
      ocfs2: Wrap calculation of name+value pair size.
      ocfs2: Set the xattr name+value pair in one place
      ocfs2: Handle value tree roots in ocfs2_xa_set_inline_value()
      ocfs2: Provide ocfs2_xa_fill_value_buf() for external value processing
      ocfs2: Teach ocfs2_xa_loc how to do its own journal work
      ocfs2: Allocation in ocfs2_xa_prepare_entry(), values in 
      ocfs2: Gell into ocfs2_xa_set()
      ocfs2: Let ocfs2_xa_prepare_entry() do space checks.
      ocfs2: Set xattr block entries with ocfs2_xa_set()
      ocfs2: Set inline xattr entries with ocfs2_xa_set()
      ocfs2: Handle errors while setting external xattr values.
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Add capabilities parameter.
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Use poll() to signify BASTs.
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Move to its own directory
      ocfs2: Pass lksbs back from stackglue ast/bast functions.
      ocfs2: Attach the connection to the lksb
      ocfs2: Hang the locking proto on the cluster conn and use it in asts.
      ocfs2: Remove the ast pointers from ocfs2_stack_plugins
      ocfs2: Pass the locking protocol into ocfs2_cluster_connect().
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Don't honor truncate. The size of a dlmfs file is LVB_LEN
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Use the stackglue.
      ocfs2_dlmfs: Enable the use of user cluster stacks.
      ocfs2: Compute metaecc for superblocks during online resize.

Joerg Roedel (1):
      KVM: SVM: Adjust tsc_offset only if tsc_unstable

John Fastabend (1):
      ixgbe: only process one ixgbe_watchdog_task at a time.

John Johansen (31):
      security: Define default LSM
      AppArmor security module
      AppArmor: Correct mapping of file permissions.
      AppArmor: Turn auditing of ptrace on
      AppArmor: ensure apparmor enabled parmater is off if AppArmor fails to 
      AppArmor: fix auditing of domain transitions to include target profile 
      AppArmor: fix C99 violation
      AppArmor: revert reporting of create to write permission.
      AppArmor: Fix NULL pointer dereference oops in profile attachment.
      AppArmor: Fix change_profile failing lpn401931
      AppArmor: Fix determination of forced AUDIT messages.
      AppArmor: Fix oops in auditing of the policy interface offset
      AppArmor: Fix profile attachment for regexp based profile names
      AppArmor: Return the correct error codes on profile addition/removal
      AppArmor: Fix OOPS in profile listing, and display full list
      AppArmor: Fix mapping of pux to new internal permission format
      AppArmor: Fix change_profile failure
      AppArmor: Fix profile namespace removal.
      AppArmor: Fix oops when auditing the addition of profile namespace
      AppArmor: Fix mediation of created paths that look like "deleted" paths
      AppArmor: Fix file auditing when quiet is used
      AppArmor: Policy load and replacement can fail to alloc mem
      AppArmor: fix failure to audit change_hat correctly
      AppArmor: Allow truncation of deleted files
      AppArmor: Fix oops after profile removal
      AppArmor: Fix Oops when in apparmor_bprm_set_creds
      AppArmor: Fix cap audit_caching preemption disabling
      AppArmor: Fix refcounting bug causing leak of creds and oops
      AppArmor: Fix leak when profile transition table fails unpack
      AppArmor: Fully close race condition for deleted paths
      AppArmor: Add missing unlock to next_profile

Juergen Beisert (1):
      RFC: MPC5200 PSC AC97 driver

Jun'ichi Nomura (1):
      dm: trace request based remapping

K. Y. Srinivasan (1):
      Staging: hv: Auto-load the hyperV PV net driver.

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (2):
      memcg: coalesce uncharge during unmap/truncate
      memcg: coalesce charging via percpu storage

Kailang Yang (3):
      ALSA: hda - Add ALC661/259, ALC892/888VD support
      ALSA: hda - More ALC663 fixes and support of compatible chips
      ALSA: hda - Add ALC269VB support

Kashyap Desai (4):
      LSI mptsas2 driver update to
      Update mpt2sas to version
      Additional mpt2sas patch for sle11sp1
      mpt2sas: IOs needs to be pause until all handles are refreshed

Kees Cook (1):
      apparmor: check for network in interrupt and work around

Kieran Mansley (2):
      enable access to Falcon's external SRAM
      set efhw_arch field of device type

Kiyoshi Ueda (2):
      dm: abstract dm_in_flight function
      dm: simplify request based suspend

Krishna Kumar (2):
      ixgbe: Fix return of invalid txq
      cxgb3: Set the rxq

Kunal Gangakhedkar (1):
      ALSA: hda - Fix mute led GPIO on HP dv-series notebooks

Kurt Garloff (8):
      suid-dumpable ended up in wrong sysctl dir
      Fix calculation of unmapped page cache size
      Make pagecache limit behavior w.r.t. dirty pages configurable
      Store SRAT table revision
      Use SRAT table rev to use 8bit or 16/32bit PXM fields (ia64)
      Use SRAT table rev to use 8bit or 32bit PXM fields (x86-64)
      API fix: [PATCH] X86: sysctl to allow panic on IOCK NMI error

Lachlan McIlroy (1):
      Re-dirty pages on ENOSPC when converting delayed allocations

Laurie Barry (4):
      Correct scsi_host_lookup return value
      lpfc driver update to
      Update Emulex lpfc driver to
      be2iscsi: Add support for BE3 HBAs

Lee Schermerhorn (5):
      mempolicy: fix get_mempolicy() for relative and static nodes
      mm: introduce numa_mem_id
      mm: slab use numa_mem_id
      ia64: support memoryless nodes
      kernel: support memoryless nodes in profiling

Len Brown (1):
      ACPI: allow C3 > 1000usec

Li Dongyang (4):
      ocfs2: Avoid direct write if we fall back to buffered I/O
      ocfs2: add OCFS2_INODE_SKIP_ORPHAN_DIR flag and honor it in the inode 
wipe code
      ocfs2: use OCFS2_INODE_SKIP_ORPHAN_DIR in ocfs2_mknod error path
      ocfs2: use OCFS2_INODE_SKIP_ORPHAN_DIR in ocfs2_symlink error path

Lin Ming (2):
      timekeeping: Fix clock_gettime vsyscall time warp
      timekeeping: Fix clock_gettime vsyscall time warp

Linas Vepstas (1):
      add syslog printing to xmon debugger.

Linda Xie (1):
      /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/config doesn't show any information

Linux Kernel Mailing List (6):
      Linux: Update to 2.6.27
      Linux: Update to 2.6.28
      Linux: 2.6.29
      Linux 2.6.30
      Linux: 2.6.31
      Linux: 2.6.32

Ludwig Nussel (1):
      make nf_conntrack_slp actually work

Luke Yelavich (1):
      AppArmor: Explicitly include header files to allow apparmor to build on 

Maciej W. Rozycki (1):
      x86, io-apic: Move the effort of clearing remoteIRR explicitly before 
migrating the irq

Magnus Damm (2):
      kexec: Move asm segment handling code to the assembly file (i386)
      kexec: Move asm segment handling code to the assembly file (x86_64)

Mallikarjuna R Chilakala (4):
      ixgbe: Modify 82599 HWRSC statistics counters
      ixgbe: Use rx buffer length from rx ring for configuring rscctl
      ixgbe: Fix DMA mapping/unmapping issues when HWRSC is enabled on IOMMU 
enabled kernels
      ixgbe: Fix 82599 multispeed fiber link issues due to Tx laser flapping

Manfred Spraul (4):
      ipc: sem optimize if semops fail
      ipc: sem add a per semaphore pending list
      ipc: sem optimize single semop ops
      ipc: sem optimize single ops when semval zero

Marcelo Tosatti (15):
      KVM: x86: disallow KVM_{SET,GET}_LAPIC without allocated in-kernel lapic
      KVM: only clear irq_source_id if irqchip is present
      KVM: modify memslots layout in struct kvm
      KVM: modify alias layout in x86s struct kvm_arch
      KVM: split kvm_arch_set_memory_region into prepare and commit
      KVM: introduce gfn_to_pfn_memslot
      KVM: use gfn_to_pfn_memslot in kvm_iommu_map_pages
      KVM: introduce kvm->srcu and convert kvm_set_memory_region to SRCU update
      KVM: use SRCU for dirty log
      KVM: x86: switch kvm_set_memory_alias to SRCU update
      KVM: convert io_bus to SRCU
      KVM: switch vcpu context to use SRCU
      KVM: convert slots_lock to a mutex
      KVM: fix cleanup_srcu_struct on vm destruction
      KVM: fix s390/ia64 build failures introduced by memslot changes

Mark Fasheh (10):
      ocfs2: allocation reservations
      ocfs2: Clear undo bits when local alloc is freed
      ocfs2: Always try for maximum bits with new local alloc windows
      ocfs2: clean up localalloc mount option size parsing
      ocfs2: increase the default size of local alloc windows
      ocfs2: change default reservation window sizes
      ocfs2: Add dir_resv_level mount option
      ocfs2: Add directory entry later in ocfs2_symlink() and ocfs2_mknod()
      gfs2: allow spectator mounts for migration to ocfs2
      gfs2: fix spectator mounts

Mark Langsdorf (2):
      powernow-k8: Fix frequency reporting
      KVM: SVM: Support Pause Filter in AMD processors

Markus Guertler (1):
      Introduce (optional) pagecache limit

Martin Hicks (7):
      kdb: handle nonexistance keyboard controller
      kdb: fix kdb_cmds to include the arch common macro
      kdb: fix the multi-word NOP instructions in the disassembler
      KDB: x86 backtrace code to use the in-kernel show_stack() function

Martin Schwidefsky (2):
      nohz: Introduce arch_needs_cpu
      nohz: Reuse ktime in sub-functions of tick_check_idle.

Martin Wilck (2):
      megaraid_mbox: Oops on SG_IO
      ipmi: add parameter to limit CPU usage in kipmid

Matt Carlson (71):
      tg3: Assign flags to fixes in start_xmit_dma_bug
      tg3: Fix disappearing 57780 devices
      tg3: Convert PHY_ADDR => TG3_PHY_MII_ADDR
      tg3: Prevent a PCIe tx glitch
      tg3: Add more PCI DMA map error checking
      tg3: Improve 5785 PCIe performance
      tg3: Add AC131 power down support
      tg3: 5785: Set port mode to MII when link down
      tg3: Extend loopback test timeout
      tg3: Add 50610M phy ID for 5785
      broadcom: Isolate phy dsp accesses
      broadcom: Fix slow link problem
      broadcom: Consolidate dev_flags definitions
      tg3 / broadcom: Add PHY_BRCM_CLEAR_RGMII_MODE flag
      tg3 / broadcom: Refine AC131 APD support
      tg3 / broadcom: Add code to disable rxc refclk
      tg3 / broadcom: Add APD support for GPHYs
      tg3 / broadcom: Optionally disable TXC if no link
      tg3: Update version to 3.103
      tg3: Add 5717 phy ID
      tg3: Don't touch RCB nic addresses
      tg3: Napify tg3_start_xmit_dma_bug()
      tg3: Move TG3_FLG2_PROTECTED_NVRAM to tg3_flags3
      tg3: Refine TSO and MSI discovery
      tg3: Add new HW_TSO_3 flag for 5717
      tg3: Use tg3_start_xmit_dma_bug for 5717 A0
      tg3: Allow DMAs to cross cacheline boundaries
      tg3: Create tg3_poll_msix() for non-zero MSIX vecs
      tg3: Move napi_add calls below tg3_get_invariants
      tg3: Make tg3_alloc_rx_skb() a dst-only operation
      tg3: Add prodring parameter to tg3_alloc_rx_skb()
      tg3: tg3_alloc_rx_skb(tnapi => tp)
      tg3: rename rx_[std|jmb]_ptr
      tg3: Consider rx_std_prod_idx a hw mailbox
      tg3: Lay proucer ring handling groundwork
      tg3: Create aliases for rx producer mailbox regs
      tg3: Add rx prod ring consolidation
      tg3: Fix DIDs, Enable 5717 support
      tg3: Update version to 3.104
      tg3: Make TSS enable independent of MSI-X enable
      tg3: Add 57765 asic rev
      tg3: Add some VPD preprocessor constants
      tg3: Use pci_read_vpd() instead of private method
      tg3: Clean tg3_init_one()
      tg3: Fix std prod ring nicaddr for 5787 and 57765
      tg3: Fix std rx prod ring handling
      tg3: Add reliable serdes detection for 5717 A0
      tg3: Enable PLL PD when CLKREQ disabled for 5717A0
      tg3: Update copyright and driver version
      tg3: Improve internal resource allocations
      tg3: Add 5717 serdes phy ID
      tg3: Abort phy init for 5717 serdes devices
      tg3: Fix 5717 and 57765 memory selftests
      tg3: Supply a nicaddr for 57765 jumbo RCB
      tg3: Fix tx mailbox initialization
      tg3: Turn off the debug UART for 57765
      tg3: Bypass power source switching for 57765
      tg3: Add 57765 phy ID and enable devices.
      tg3: Disable 5717 serdes and B0 support
      tg3: 5785 and 57780 asic revs not working
      tg3: Add support for 2 new selfboot formats
      tg3: Add more partno entries for fallback path
      tg3: Give MSI-X vec 1 rx backlog space
      tg3: Prevent rx producer ring overruns
      tg3: Unwedge stuck MSI-X vectors
      tg3: Fix 57765 A0 bootcode race condition
      tg3: Turn off multiple DMA reads for 5717
      tg3: Fix napi assignments in loopback test
      tg3: Fix AC131 loopback test errors for 5785
      tg3: Enforce DMA mapping / skb assignment ordering
      tg3: Make 57791 and 57795 10/100 only

Mel Gorman (2):
      hugetlb: fix infinite loop in get_futex_key() when backed by huge pages
      Reduce page allocation stalls

Michael Chan (9):
      bnx2: v2.6.32 to b746656
      bnx2: Update firmware and some bug fixes from upstream.
      bnx2: Fix lost MSI-X problem on 5709 NICs.
      bnx2x: backports v2.6.32 to af901ca
      bnx2x: Initialize cnic status block during chip reset
      bnx2i: Backport from v2.6.32 to 45ca38e
      cnic: backport from v2.6.32-4e9c4f
      cnic: Use union for the status blocks of different devices.
      cnic: Fix crash during bnx2x MTU change.

Michael Holzheu (1):
      S390: Generate Kerntypes file

Michael Meeks (1):
      io tracing

Michael Neuling (2):
      powerpc: make query_cpu_stopped callable outside hotplug cpu
      powerpc: only call start-cpu when a CPU is stopped

Michael Reed (2):
      qla1280: retain firmware for error recovery
      mid-layer unblocks blocked sdev leaving queue stopped

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
      KVM: fix spurious interrupt with irqfd

Michal Hocko (1):
      Don't fail allocations for the slot table when mounting an NFS filesystem

Michal Marek (9):
      modpost: fix segfault with short symbol names
      Revert b43 changes to preserve the kabi
      kbuild: Record which objects make up a built-in.o file
      kbuild: fix generating of *.symtypes files
      kbuild: generate modules.builtin
      kbuild: Really don't clean bounds.h and asm-offsets.h
      Fix USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN firmware dependencies
      Revert "vfs: Remove generic_osync_inode() and sync_page_range{_nolock}()"
      Revert "tty: Mark generic_serial users as BROKEN"

Mike Anderson (3):
      block: Implement unprep_rq_fn()
      block: Implement REQ_ATOM_ABORT flag
      dm-mpath: Disable abort queue

Mike Christie (10):
      modify change_queue_depth to take in reason why it is being called
      scsi error: have scsi-ml call change_queue_depth to handle QUEUE_FULL
      libfc: convert to scsi_track_queue_full
      libfc: do not use DID_NO_CONNECT for pkt alloc failures.
      bnx2i: use common iscsi suspend queue
      libiscsi: fix login/text checks in pdu injection code
      libiscsi: Check TMF state before sending PDU
      libiscsi: add warm target reset tmf support
      iser: set tgt and lu reset timeout
      libiscsi: Implement recover_target callback

Mike Galbraith (1):
      sched: Fix vmark regression on big machines

Mike Miller (1):
      cciss: remove scan thread

Mike Travis (10):
      sched: Limit the number of scheduler debug messages
      x86: Limit the number of processor bootup messages
      x86: Limit number of per cpu TSC sync messages
      x86: Remove enabling x2apic message for every CPU
      ACPI: Remove repeated registered as cooling_device messages
      x86: Reduce per cpu warning boot up messages
      x86: Reduce per cpu MCA boot up messages
      x86, uv: Update UV arch to target Legacy VGA I/O correctly.
      x86: Limit the number of processor bootup messages
      x86: Reduce per cpu warning boot up messages

Mike Wolf (1):
      powerpc: fix cpu name in show-cpuinfo

Miklos Szeredi (1):
      Fix use of uninitialized variable in cache_grow()

Milton Miller (1):
      ixgbe: prevent speculative processing of descriptors

Naga Chumbalkar (1):
      detect oprofile counters reserved by bios

Nagananda Chumbalkar (2):
      cpufreq: Fix ondemand to not request targets outside policy limits
      x86,cpufreq: Processor Clocking Control (PCC) driver

Narender Kumar (2):
      netxen: sysfs control for auto firmware recovery
      netxen : fix debug tools access for NX2031

Nathan D. Fontenot (1):
      Mark preferred offline state as CPU_STATE_OFFLINE before removing cpus

Nathan Fontenot (5):
      Pseries: Kernel Handling of Dynamic Logical Partitioning
      Pseries: move of_drconf_cell definition to prom.h
      Export the memory_sysdev_class structure
      Pseries: Kernel Handling of memory DLPAR
      Pseries: Kernel Handling of cpu DLPAR

Neil Brown (1):
      swap over network documentation

Neil Horman (1):
      add additional symbols to /sys/kernel/vmcoreinfo data for ppc(64)

NeilBrown (10):
      sunrpc/cache: allow thread to block while waiting for cache update.
      sunrpc/cache: retry cache lookups that return -ETIMEDOUT
      nfsd/idmap: drop special request deferal in favour of improved default.
      Fix kabi breakage in previous nfsd patch series
      NFS4ERR_FILE_OPEN handling in Linux/NFS
      sunrpc: use monotonic time in expiry cache
      NFS: ensure bdi_unregister is called on mount failure.
      9p/ocfs2/gfs2: allow file unlock on 'mandatory locking' file
      Cope with racy nature of sync_page in swap_sync_page
      md/raid1: delay reads that could overtake behind-writes.

Nelson, Shannon (1):
      ixgbe: Flush the LSC mask change to prevent repeated interrupts

Nick Piggin (12):
      Add mark_rodata_rw() to un-protect read-only kernel code pages
      x86 set cacheline size to 128 bytes for generic CPUs
      avoid silent stack overflow over the heap
      mm: unlock_page speedup
      mm: improve vmalloc reporting
      mm: /dev/zero optimisation
      be more aggressive with zone reclaims
      uninline add_to_page_cache
      ipc: sem optimise undo list search
      ipc: sem use list operations
      ipc: sem preempt improve
      Add mark_rodata_rw() to un-protect read-only kernel code pages

Nigel Hislop (1):
      dasd: security and PSF update patch for EMC CKD ioctl

Nikanth Karthikesan (2):
      loop: Update mtime when writing using aops
      Release md->map_lock before set_disk_ro

OGAWA Hirofumi (1):
      ocfs2: Fix refcnt leak on ocfs2_fast_follow_link() error path

Olaf Dabrunz (1):
      default to "power_off" when SMP kernel is used on single processor 

Olaf Hering (4):
      poweroc: vio modalias
      autodetect serial console on efika
      enable mouse button emulation also for G5
      keep track of network interface renaming

Olaf Kirch (2):
      Do not call shrink_dcache_sb when remounting procfs etc
      Allow to bring up network interface w/o ipv6 autoconf

Oleg Nesterov (1):
      sys_setrlimit: make sure ->rlim_max never grows

Oliver Neukum (1):
      fix medium presence misdetection in usb storage device

PJ Waskiewicz (4):
      ixgbe: Make queue pairs on single MSI-X interrupts
      ixgbe: Disable Flow Control for certain devices
      ethtool: Add Direct Attach support to connector port reporting
      ixgbe: Display currently attached PHY through ethtool

Paul E. McKenney (1):
      rcu: Add synchronize_srcu_expedited()

Paul Mackerras (1):
      Fix wrong error code from ppc32 select syscall

Penchala Narsimha Reddy Chilakala (1):
      Problems with aacraid

Peter P Waskiewicz Jr (1):
      ixgbe: Power down PHY during driver resets

Peter Zijlstra (28):
      sched: Cleanup select_task_rq_fair()
      sched: More generic WAKE_AFFINE vs select_idle_sibling()
      mm: serialize access to min_free_kbytes
      mm: expose gfp_to_alloc_flags()
      mm: tag reseve pages
      mm: sl[au]b: add knowledge of reserve pages
      mm: kmem_alloc_estimate()
      mm: allow PF_MEMALLOC from softirq context
      mm: emergency pool
      mm: system wide ALLOC_NO_WATERMARK
      mm: __GFP_MEMALLOC
      mm: memory reserve management
      selinux: tag avc cache alloc as non-critical
      net: packet split receive api
      net: sk_allocation() - concentrate socket related allocations
      netvm: network reserve infrastructure
      netvm: INET reserves.
      netvm: hook skb allocation to reserves
      netvm: filter emergency skbs.
      netvm: prevent a stream specific deadlock
      netfilter: NF_QUEUE vs emergency skbs
      netvm: skb processing
      mm: add support for non block device backed swap files
      mm: methods for teaching filesystems about PG_swapcache pages
      nfs: teach the NFS client how to treat PG_swapcache pages
      nfs: disable data cache revalidation for swapfiles
      nfs: enable swap on NFS
      nfs: fix various memory recursions possible with swap over NFS.

Rafael J. Wysocki (4):
      mm: Fix compilation of mmu_notifier.c on IA-64
      net (tg3): Fix failure to enable WoL by default when possible
      Driver core: Reduce the level of request_firmware() messages
      x86: Fix unknown_nmi_error()

Rajashekhar M A (1):
      I/O errors for ALUA state transitions

Randy Dunlap (1):
      netxen: fix builds for SYSFS=n or MODULES=n

Ravi Anand (2):
      Update qla4xxx driver for SLES11 SP1
      Additional bug fixes required for the qla4xxx driver

ReiserFS Development (2):
      reiser4: add new exports for used symbols
      mm: Add set_page_dirty_notag() helper for reiser4

Richard A Lary (1):
      mpt2sas: use correct pci_resource_flag

Rik van Riel (1):
      KVM: VMX: emulate accessed bit for EPT

Rob Love (1):
      fcoe: Only rmmod fcoe.ko if there are no active connections

Robert Love (15):
      libfc, fcoe: Don't EXPORT_SYMBOLS unnecessarily
      libfc: Remove unused fc_lport pointer from fc_fcp_pkt_abort
      fcoe: Increase FCOE_MAX_LUN to 0xFFFF (65535)
      libfc: Move non-common routines and prototypes out of libfc.h
      libfc: Remove fc_fcp_complete
      libfc: Add libfc/fc_libfc.[ch] for libfc internal routines
      libfc: Move libfc_init and libfc_exit to fc_libfc.c
      libfc: Export FC headers
      libfc: Add routine to copy data from a buffer to a SG list
      libfc: Formatting cleanups across libfc
      libfcoe: formatting and comment cleanups
      fcoe: Formatting cleanups and commenting
      libfcoe: Don't fill MAC desc in FLOGI if FIP negotiated FPMA
      ixgbe: Don't allow user buffer count to exceed 256
      ixgbe: Priority tag FIP frames

Robin Holt (10):
      x86 / PAT: Update the page flags for memtype atomically instead of using 
memtype_lock. -V4
      x86: UV - Introduce a means to translate from gpa -> socket_paddr.
      x86: UV - Introduce uv_gpa_is_mmr.
      x86: UV - XPC needs to provide an abstraction for uv_gpa.
      x86: UV - Update XPC to handle updated BIOS interface.
      x86: UV - XPC NULL deref when mesq becomes empty.
      X86: UV - xpc_make_first_contact hang due to not accepting ACTIVE state.
      X86: UV - XPC receive message reuse triggers invalid BUG_ON().
      UV - pass nasid instead of nid to gru_create_message_queue
      x86 / PAT: Update the page flags for memtype atomically instead of using 
memtype_lock. -V4

Roel Kluin (1):
      ocfs2: Fix contiguousness check in ocfs2_try_to_merge_extent_map()

Roland Dreier (2):
      x86: Remove CPU cache size output for non-Intel too
      x86: Remove CPU cache size output for non-Intel too

Roland McGrath (1):
      utrace core

Ron Mercer (35):
      qlge: Store firmware revision as early as possible.
      qlge: Remove inline math for small rx buf mapping.
      qlge: Get rid of firmware handler debug code.
      qlge: Add CBFC pause frame counters to ethtool stats.
      qlge: Size RX buffers based on MTU.
      qlge: Add ethtool get/set pause parameter.
      qlge: Add ethtool blink function.
      qlge: Add ethtool wake on LAN function.
      qlge: Add ethtool register dump function.
      qlge: Add ethtool self-test.
      qlge: Change naming on vlan API.
      qlge: Fix indentations.
      qlge: Add firmware/driver sub-command support.
      qlge: Clean up netdev->stats usage.
      qlge: Do not change frame routing during suspend.
      qlge: Add asic reset to open call.
      qlge: Clean up module parameter name.
      qlge: Change version to v1.
      qlge: Turn on RX header split based on platform.
      qlge: Add RX frame handlers for non-split frames.
      qlge: Add napi gro frags interface.
      qlge: Add data for firmware dump.
      qlge: Add basic firmware dump.
      qlge: Add probe regs to firmware dump.
      qlge: Add RAM dump to firmware dump.
      qlge: Add alternate function's reg dump to fw dump.
      qlge: Add serdes reg blocks dump to firmware dump.
      qlge: Add xgmac reg blocks to firwmare dump.
      qlge: Add module param to force firmware core dump.
      qlge: Fix dropping of large non-TCP/UDP frames.
      qlge: Fix occasional loopback test failure.
      qlge: Fix bonding mac address bug.
      qlge: Move reset from eeh io_resume to slot_reset.
      qlge: Add watchdog timer.
      qlge: Add check for eeh failure when closing device.

Russ Anderson (8):
      mm: Avoid putting a bad page back on the LRU v8
      ia64: Call migration code on correctable errors v8
      ia64: cpe_migrate.ko causes deadlock.
      Add locking to cpe_migrate.
      x86, uv: Add serial number parameter to uv_bios_get_sn_info()
      x86: Enable NMI on all cpus on UV
      x86 / UV: Add KDB support to UV NMI handler
      x86: Add KDB support to unknown_nmi_error handler.

Rusty Russell (1):
      module: drop the lock while waiting for module to complete initialization.

SGI KDB Development (1):

Sachin Prabhu (1):
      Skip check for mandatory locks when unlocking

Samrat Kannikar (1):
      novfs: Remove dcache count restricting code

Sankar P (8):
      novfs: fix debug message
      novfs: Get proper UID when looking up inode
      novfs: novfs reports incorrect file size
      novfs: Fixes corruption of OO documents on NSS Volumes
      novfs: fix an oops in novfs scope-finding code
      fs: novfs: Return ENOTEMPTY when tyring to delete a non-empty folder
      fs: novfs: Initialize super-block with standard macros
      novfs: ftruncate call returns EIO as it causes two open calls

Sarang Radke (1):
      Make sure commands are completed for offline rport

Sarveshwar Bandi (3):
      be2net: Add link test to list of ethtool self tests.
      be2net: ethtool self test reorganization.
      be2net: download NCSI section during firmware update

Sathya Perla (8):
      be2net: swap only first 2 fields of mcc_wrb
      be2net: fix bug in rx page posting
      be2net: use eq-id to calculate cev-isr reg offset
      be2net: implement EEH pci error recovery handlers
      be2net: a mini optimization in rx_compl_process() code
      be2net: don't rearm mcc cq when device is not open
      be2net: fix rx-path to ignore a flush completion
      be2net: fix tx completion polling

Shannon Nelson (2):
      ixgbe: handle parameters for tx and rx EITR, no div0
      ixgbe: Fix Receive Address Register (RAR) cleaning and accounting

Shaohui Zheng (1):
      memory hotplug: fix a bug on /dev/mem for 64-bit kernels

Srinivas Eeda (1):
      ocfs2: Fix a race in o2dlm lockres mastery

Stephen Cameron (1):
      Update HP SA driver to version 2.0.2-1

Stephen Hemminger (4):
      sky2: add register definitions for new chips
      sky2: 88E8059 support
      dcb: data center bridging ops should be r/o
      Staging: hv: name network device ethX rather than sethX

Steve French (1):
      Allow null nd (as nfs server uses) on create

Steve Ma (1):
      libfc, fcoe: Add FC passthrough support

Steve Wise (1):
      RDMA/cxgb3: Mark rdma device with CXIO_ERROR_FATAL when removing.

Steven Whitehouse (1):
      dlm: Send lockspace name with uevents

Subbu Seetharaman (2):
      benet: from v2.6.32 to 8f47afe0
      be2net: update version 2.101.346u to 2.102.147s

Sunil Mushran (17):
      ocfs2/cluster: Make fence method configurable - v2
      fiemap: Add new extent flag FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED
      ocfs2/trivial: Remove trailing whitespaces
      ocfs2/dlm: Ignore LVBs of locks in the Blocked list
      ocfs2/dlm: Print more messages during lock migration
      ocfs2/dlm: Handle EAGAIN for compatibility - v2
      ocfs2: Prevent a livelock in dlmglue
      ocfs2: Do not downconvert if the lock level is already compatible
      ocfs2: Remove overzealous BUG_ON during blocked lock processing
      ocfs2: Plugs race between the dc thread and an unlock ast message
      ocfs2/dlm: Remove BUG_ON in dlm recovery when freeing locks of a dead node
      ocfs2/dlm: Fix printing of lockname
      ocfs2/cluster: Make o2net connect messages KERN_NOTICE
      ocfs2: Add current->comm in trace output
      ocfs2: Use a separate masklog for AST and BASTs
      ocfs2/userdlm: Add tracing in userdlm

Suresh Jayaraman (3):
      automate config options for kernel-desktop
      Revert sched latency defaults
      mm: Make default VM dirty ratio configurable to suit different workloads

Suresh Siddha (25):
      intr-remap: generic support for remapping HPET MSIs
      x86: arch specific support for remapping HPET MSIs
      x86-64: preserve large page mapping for 1st 2MB kernel txt with 
      x86-64: align RODATA kernel section to 2MB with CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA
      x86-64: add comment for RODATA large page retainment
      x86, cpa: Fix kernel text RO checks in static_protection
      x86_64, ftrace: Make ftrace use kernel identity mapping to modify code
      x86_64, cpa: Use only text section in set_kernel_text_rw/ro
      x86: Unify fixup_irqs() for 32-bit and 64-bit kernels
      x86, intr-remap: Avoid irq_chip mask/unmask in fixup_irqs() for 
      x86: Remove move_cleanup_count from irq_cfg
      x86: Force irq complete move during cpu offline
      x86: Use EOI register in io-apic on intel platforms
      x86: Remove local_irq_enable()/local_irq_disable() in fixup_irqs()
      x86, ioapic: Fix the EOI register detection mechanism
      x86, ioapic: Document another case when level irq is seen as an edge
      x86: Remove unnecessary mdelay() from cpu_disable_common()
      x86, irq: Check move_in_progress before freeing the vector mapping
      x86-64: preserve large page mapping for 1st 2MB kernel txt with 
      x86-64: align RODATA kernel section to 2MB with CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA
      x86, cpa: Fix kernel text RO checks in static_protection
      x86_64, cpa: Use only text section in set_kernel_text_rw/ro
      x86: Unify fixup_irqs() for 32-bit and 64-bit kernels
      x86, intr-remap: Avoid irq_chip mask/unmask in fixup_irqs() for 
      x86: Remove local_irq_enable()/local_irq_disable() in fixup_irqs()

Takashi Iwai (43):
      kbuild: correctly link include/asm in external builds
      x86: workaround for mccreary HPET read problem
      Fix build_error without CONFIG_PPC_83xx
      drm/i915: Fix lock-up during hotplug detection
      drm/i915: Disable ACPI lid detection as an ad hoc workaround
      Fix IronLake VGA output at S4
      net: Fix Yukon-2 Optima TCP offload setup
      net: Add missing TST_CFG_WRITE bits around sky2_pci_write
      Keep multiple splash screens for KMS
      Fix rendering on linux console with bootsplash
      Input: Add support of clickpad mode to synaptics mouse driver (v2)
      ALSA: hda - Reset pins of IDT/STAC codecs at free
      ALSA: hda - Add reboot notifier to each codec
      ALSA: hda - Add missing export for snd_hda_bus_reboot_notify
      ALSA: hda - Add a proper ifdef to a debug code
      ALSA: hda - Fix detection of dual headphones
      ALSA: hda - Fix mute-LED sync on HP laptops with IDT92HD83xxx codecs
      ALSA: hda - Fix Cxt5047 test mode
      ALSA: hda - Add a pin-fix for FSC Amilo Pi1505
      ALSA: hda - Add position_fix quirk for HP dv3
      ALSA: hda - Exclude unusable ADCs for ALC88x
      ALSA: hda - Switch to polling mode before disabling MSI
      ALSA: hda - Add power on/off counter
      ALSA: hda - Fix build error without CONFIG_SND_HDA_HWDEP=y
      ALSA: hda - Disable default quirk for Sony VAIO with ALC262 codec
      ALSA: hda - Fix memory leaks in the previous patch
      ALSA: hda - Fix parsing pin node 0x21 on ALC259
      ALSA: hda - Turn on EAPD only if available for Realtek codecs
      ALSA: hda - Add support for Toshiba Satellite M300
      ALSA: hda - Change headphone pin control with master volume on cx5051
      ALSA: hda - Detect HP mute-LED GPIO setup from GPIO counts
      ALSA: hda - Merge HP mute-LED status callback on both IDT 92HD7x and 8x 
      ALSA: hda - Remove static gpio_led setup via model
      ALSA: hda - Fix default polarity of mute-LED GPIO on 92HD83x/88x codecs
      ALSA: hda - Fix wrong model range check for ALC268
      ALSA: hda - Fix capture on Sony VAIO with single input
      ALSA: hda - Add missing hp_pins definitions for ALC269 quirks
      ALSA: hda - Don't set invalid connection index in Realtek initialiaiton
      ALSA: hda - Fix invalid bit values passed to snd_hda_codec_amp_stereo()
      ALSA: hda - Fix ADC/MUX assignment of ALC269 codec
      ALSA: hda - Add mute LED support for HP laptop with ALC269
      lis3: add support for HP ProBook 432x/442x/452x/522x
      lis3: Add axis quirk for HP ProBook 532x

Takenori Nagano (1):
      Add dump_after_notifier sysctl

Tao Ma (15):
      ocfs2: Find proper end cpos for a leaf refcount block.
      ocfs2: refcounttree.c cleanup.
      ocfs2: Add reflinked file's inode to inode hash eariler.
      ocfs2: Set i_nlink properly during reflink.
      ocfs2/trivial: Use proper mask for 2 places in hearbeat.c
      ocfs2/trivial: Use le16_to_cpu for a disk value in xattr.c
      ocfs2: Handle O_DIRECT when writing to a refcounted cluster.
      ocfs2: Sync max_inline_data_with_xattr from tools.
      ocfs2: Fix memory overflow in cow_by_page.
      ocfs2: Only bug out when page size is larger than cluster size.
      ocfs2: Use compat_ptr in reflink_arguments.
      ocfs2: Update i_blocks in reflink operations.
      ocfs2: Fix the update of name_offset when removing xattrs
      ocfs2: Init meta_ac properly in ocfs2_create_empty_xattr_block.
      ocfs2_dlmfs: User DLM_* when decoding file open flags.

Tejun Heo (11):
      x86: disallow DAC for MCP51 PCI bridge
      stop_machine: implement stop_machine.lazy kernel parameter
      libata/SCSI: fix locking around blk_abort_request()
      block: add genhd.mangle_devt parameter
      libata: add waits for GoVault
      libata: unlock HPA by default
      libata: prefer libata drivers over ide ones
      libata,ata_piix: detect and clear spurious IRQs
      ahci: disable NCQ on Aspire 3810t
      libata-acpi: missing _SDD is not an error
      x86: disallow DAC for MCP51 PCI bridge

Thomas Klein (1):
      feastlp3 drop to xmon with .free_pages+0x48/0x70 (ehea)

Thomas Renninger (9):
      Introduce acpi_root_table=rsdt boot param and dmi list to force rsdt
      Avoid critical temp shutdowns on specific ThinkPad T4x(p) and R40
      CPUFREQ: ondemand: Limit default sampling rate to 300ms max.
      cpufreq, powernow-k8: Do not complain about missing tables when BIOS 
drives cpufreq
      X86 drivers: Introduce msi-wmi driver
      Whitelist HP ProLiant DL980 to use pci=use_crs by default
      Add more HP machines to use pci=use_crs by default
      Fix ia64 - Export kdb_usb_kbds
      Avoid early hang when i8042 controller is missing

Tiger Yang (2):
      ocfs2: return -EAGAIN instead of EAGAIN in dlm
      ocfs2: add extent block stealing for ocfs2 v5

Tony Breeds (1):
      Add quirk for the graphics adapter in some JSxx

Tony Jones (5):
      export audit logging symbols
      switch to ioctl interface for perfmon2
      drop additional perfmon2 syscalls
      remove perfmon syscall_base attribyute
      remove UTRACE code from perfmon2

Tony Luck (1):
      preserve high order personality bits across exec(2).

Toshiyuki Okajima (1):
      KEYS: find_keyring_by_name() can gain access to a freed keyring

Tristan Ye (5):
      Ocfs2: Should ocfs2 support fiemap for S_IFDIR inode?
      Ocfs2: Let ocfs2 support fiemap for symlink and fast symlink.
      Ocfs2: Move ocfs2 ioctl definitions from ocfs2_fs.h to newly added 
      Ocfs2: Handle deletion of reflinked oprhan inodes correctly.
      Ocfs2: Journaling i_flags and i_orphaned_slot when adding inode to orphan 

Ursula Braun-Krahl (1):
      qeth: HiperSockets Network Traffic Analyzer

Vaidyanathan Srinivasan (4):
      Powerpc: reset kernel stack on cpu online from cede state
      Powerpc: move checks in pseries_mach_cpu_die()
      Powerpc: reduce printk from pseries_mach_cpu_die()
      powerpc: export data from new hcall H_EM_GET_PARMS

Vaios Papadimitriou (1):
      Emulex lpfc fixes for RC3 -

Vaios Papedimitriou (2):
      Update Emulex lpfc driver to
      Update Emulex lpfc driver to

Vasu Dev (20):
      add queue_depth ramp up code
      libfc: removes initializing fc_cpu_order and fc_cpu_mask per lport
      libfc: adds missing exch release for accepted RRQ
      libfc: removes unused disc_work and ex_list
      libfc: add queue_depth ramp up
      fcoe, libfc: use single frame allocation API
      libfc: reduce can_queue for all FCP frame allocation failures
      libfc: adds can_queue ramp up
      libfc: fix an issue of pending exch/es after i/f destroyed or rmmod fcoe
      libfc: call ddp setup for only FCP reads to avoid accessing junk fsp 
      adds enable/disable for fcoe interface
      libfc: fixes unnecessary seq id jump
      libfc: use offload EM instance again instead jumping to next EM
      libfc: fix fcp pkt recovery in fc_fcp_recv_data
      fcoe, libfc: increased CDB size to 16 bytes for fcoe.
      fcoe: fixes wrong error exit in fcoe_create
      fcoe: fix a circular locking issue with rtnl and sysfs mutex
      ixgbe: fix for real_num_tx_queues update issue
      vlan: adds vlan_dev_select_queue
      vlan: updates vlan real_num_tx_queues

Vikas Chaudhary (3):
      qla4xxx update to v5.
      Update qla4xxx to v5.
      QLA4xxx driver fixes for RC3

Vitaliy Kulikov (3):
      ALSA: hda - Fix LED GPIO setup for HP laptops with IDT codecs
      ALSA: hda - Add mute LED check for HP laptops with IDT 92HD83xxx codec
      ALSA: hda - Adding support for another IDT 92HD83XXX codec

Vlad Yasevich (1):
      sctp: Fix oops when sending queued ASCONF chunks

Wei Yongjun (1):
      sctp: fix to calc the INIT/INIT-ACK chunk length correctly is set

Wen Xiong (1):
      Improve safety of dlpar remove when rdma traffic is active

Wengang Wang (5):
      ocfs2: fix a misleading variable name
      ocfs2: Fix setting of OCFS2_LOCK_BLOCKED during bast
      ocfs2: Clean up the checks for CoW and direct I/O.
      ocfs2: send SIGXFSZ if new filesize exceeds limit -v2
      ocfs2: Check the owner of a lockres inside the spinlock

Wu Fengguang (43):
      HWPOISON: return ENXIO on invalid page number
      HWPOISON: avoid grabbing the page count multiple times during madvise 
      HWPOISON: detect free buddy pages explicitly
      HWPOISON: remove the anonymous entry
      HWPOISON: abort on failed unmap
      HWPOISON: comment the possible set_page_dirty() race
      HWPOISON: comment dirty swapcache pages
      HWPOISON: remove the free buddy page handler
      HWPOISON: Add unpoisoning support
      HWPOISON: make semantics of IGNORED/DELAYED clear
      HWPOISON: return 0 to indicate success reliably
      HWPOISON: add fs/device filters
      HWPOISON: limit hwpoison injector to known page types
      mm: export stable page flags
      HWPOISON: add page flags filter
      memcg: rename and export try_get_mem_cgroup_from_page()
      memcg: add accessor to mem_cgroup.css
      ALSA: hda - vectorize get_empty_pcm_device()
      ALSA: hda - allow up to 4 HDMI devices
      ALSA: hda - convert intelhdmi global references to local parameters
      ALSA: hda - remove intelhdmi dependency on multiout
      ALSA: hda - use pcm prepare/cleanup callbacks for intelhdmi
      ALSA: hda - reorder intelhdmi prepare/cleanup callbacks
      ALSA: hda - vectorize intelhdmi
      ALSA: hda - get intelhdmi max channels from widget caps
      ALSA: hda - auto parse intelhdmi cvt/pin configurations
      ALSA: hda - remove static intelhdmi configurations
      ALSA: intelhdmi - fix audio infoframe fill size
      ALSA: intelhdmi - fix channel mapping slot mask
      ALSA: intelhdmi - export monitor-presence and ELD-valid status
      ALSA: hda - introduce snd_hda_jack_detect() and snd_hda_pin_sense()
      ALSA: intelhdmi - probe for monitor/eld presence at module init time
      ALSA: intelhdmi - separate out infoframe checksum routine
      ALSA: intelhdmi - sticky infoframe
      ALSA: intelhdmi - sticky stream id and format
      ALSA: intelhdmi - sticky channel count
      ALSA: hda - show EPSS capability in proc
      ALSA: hda - show HBR(High Bit Rate) pin cap in procfs
      ALSA: intelhdmi - accept DisplayPort pin
      ALSA: intelhdmi - channel mapping applies to Pin
      ALSA: intelhdmi - add channel mapping for typical configurations
      intelhdmi - dont power off HDA link
      ALSA: hda - HDMI sticky stream tag support

Xiuling Ma (1):
      disable catas_reset by default to avoid problems with EEH

Yevgeny Petrilin (1):
      mlx4_core: missing device ID

Yi Zou (22):
      fcoe: Use NETIF_F_FCOE_MTU flag to set up max frame size (lport->mfs)
      fcoe: Call ndo_fcoe_enable/disable to turn FCoE feature on/off in LLD
      fcoe: remove extra function decalrations
      fcoe: Fix setting lport's WWNN/WWPN to use san mac address
      fcoe: Fix using VLAN ID in creating lport's WWWN/WWPN
      libfcoe: Do not pad FIP keep-alive to full frame size
      libfc: fix payload size passed to fc_frame_alloc() in fc_lport_els_request
      libfc: add FC-BB-5 LESB counters to fcoe_dev_stats
      libfcoe: add checking disable flag in FIP_FKA_ADV
      libfcoe: add tracking FIP Virtual Link Failure count
      libfcoe: add tracking FIP Missing Discovery Advertisement count
      libfc: add fcoe_fc_els_lesb to fc_fcoe.h for FC-BB-5 LESB definitions
      fcoe, libfc: add get_lesb() to allow LLD to fill the link error status 
block (LESB)
      libfc: add support of receiving ELS_RLS
      Use LLD's WWPN and WWNN for lport if LLD supports ndo_fcoe_get_wwn
      libfc: bug in erroring out upon FCP_RSP_LEN_VAL in fc_fcp_resp
      ixgbe: Add support for 82599 alternative WWNN/WWPN prefix
      net: Add ndo_fcoe_get_wwn to net_device_ops
      ixgbe: Add support for netdev_ops.ndo_fcoe_get_wwn to 82599
      vlan: Add support to netdev_ops.ndo_fcoe_get_wwn for VLAN device
      ixgbe: use known user priority for FCoE when DCB is enabled
      ixgbe: select FCoE Tx queue in ndo_select_queue

Yinghai Lu (1):
      intel-iommu: Don't complain that ACPI_DMAR_SCOPE_TYPE_IOAPIC is not 

Youquan, Song (1):
      crypto: testmgr - Fix complain about lack test for internal used algorithm

Youquan,Song (1):
      crypto: Add ghash algorithm test before provide to users

Zhai, Edwin (2):
      KVM: introduce kvm_vcpu_on_spin
      KVM: VMX: Add support for Pause-Loop Exiting

Zhao Yakui (2):
      drm/i915: Add ACPI OpRegion support for Ironlake
      drm/i915: Clear the TV sense state bits on cantiga to make TV detection 

Zhenyu Wang (4):
      drm/i915: Add display hotplug event on Ironlake
      drm/i915: fix eDP pipe mask
      drm/i915: fix pixel color depth setting on eDP
      drm/i915: parse eDP panel color depth from VBT block

agraf@xxxxxxx (2):
      Ignore apic polarity
      Implement some missing intercepts so osx doesn't blow up

ak@xxxxxxx (1):
      Don't force select AES in wireless

andrea@xxxxxxx (1):
      low-latency stuff

andrew.patterson@xxxxxx (1):
      MCA when shutting down tulip quad-NIC

ccoffing@xxxxxxxxxx (2):
      Expose min/max limits of domain ballooning
      Retain backwards-compatible module name with CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP=m

garloff@xxxxxxx (1):
      Introduce own timeout for TEST_UNIT_READY

hartleys (1):
      drivers/net/qlge/qlge_main.c: use %pM to show MAC address

jbeulich@xxxxxxxxxx (58):
      Module use count must be updated as bridges are created/destroyed
      DWARF2 EH-frame based stack unwinding
      fix unwind annotations
      xen/dom0: Reserve devices for guest use
      conditionalize driverlink additions to Solarflare driver
      xen3 xen-arch
      xen3 xen-drivers
      xen3 include-xen-interface
      xen3 xen-kconfig
      xen3 common
      xen3 arch-x86
      xen3 arch-i386
      xen3 arch-x86_64
      Fix Xen build wrt. Xen files coming from mainline.
      fix building with gcc 4.4
      Fix xen configuration.
      Fix xen build.
      xen3 x86 build fixes.
      Linux 2.6.18
      Linux 2.6.19
      Linux 2.6.20
      Linux 2.6.21
      Update to 2.6.22
      Update to 2.6.23
      Update to 2.6.24
      DWARF2 EH-frame based stack unwinding
      fix unwind annotations
      blktap: fix cleanup after unclean application exit #2
      fix placement of some routines/data
      adjust Xen's swiotlb default size setting
      add 3.2.0-compatibility configure option
      make /proc/cpuinfo track CPU speed
      fix issue with Windows-style types used in drivers/staging/
      use base kernel suspend/resume infrastructure
      fold IPIs onto a single IRQ each
      fold per-CPU VIRQs onto a single IRQ each
      Go into polling mode early if lock owner is not running
      allow number of guest devices to be configurable
      netback: reduce overhead of IRQ recording
      netback: use multicall for send multiple notifications
      no need to build certain bits when building non-privileged kernel
      force proper address translation in DCDBAS
      Xen: improve floppy behavior
      Don't automatically reboot Dom0 on panic (match native)
      Add fallback when XENMEM_exchange fails to replace contiguous region
      make i386 and x86 NMI code consistent, disable all APIC-related stuff
      Disallow all accesses to the local APIC page
      consolidate pmd/pud/pgd entry handling
      fix issues with the assignment of huge amounts of memory
      properly predict phys<->mach translations
      be more aggressive about de-activating mm-s under destruction
      x86: use per-cpu storage for shared vcpu_info structure
      reduce contention on xtime_lock
      fold per-CPU accounting data into a structure
      make pinning of pgd pairs transparent to callers
      don't require order-1 allocations for pgd-s
      dump the correct page tables for user mode faults
      eliminate scalability issues from initial mapping setup

john fastabend (1):
      fcoe: add check to fail gracefully in bonding mode

jschopp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (1):
      powerpc: Add static fields to ibm,client-architecture call

kraxel@xxxxxxx (4):
      tiocgdev ioctl
      Twofish encryption for loop device for old S.u.S.E. crypto partitions
      add console_use_vt
      32-on-64 blkif protocol negotiation fallback for old guests.

ksrinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx (1):
      netfront: ethtool -i does not return info about xennet driver

kwolf@xxxxxxx (1):
      blktap: Write Barriers

mls@xxxxxxx (1):
      Bootsplash for current kernel

olh@xxxxxxx (11):
      add missing module symlink to /sys/bus/*/driver/* in struct 
      use correct name for /sys/devices/virtual/leds/ entries
      no sysrq on Cell QS21/QS22 serial console
      arch/powerpc/lib/crtsavres.o is not available when linking external 
      force speed to fix autodetection on pegasos2
      Default value of usbhid.pb_fnmode module parameter
      vanilla sources from www.maconlinux.org
      kbuild part
      display the product in the frontpanel LCD
      map scsi proc_name to module name
      add alias entry for portN properties

plc@xxxxxxxxxx (3):
      CDROM removable media-present attribute plus handling code
      add support for new operation type BLKIF_OP_PACKET
      implement forwarding of CD-ROM specific commands

salina@xxxxxxxxxx (1):
      No lp_release_parport while write is going on

schwab@xxxxxxx (6):
      Don't clean <asm/nr-irqs.h>
      mol build fix
      mol build fix
      mol build fix
      mol build fix
      mol build fix

someone at intel (2):
      make kms happen after sata
      some new touch screen device ids

unknown@xxxxxxx (2):
      some crazy ppc patch
      some unknown ieee1394 patch

Å?ukasz WojniÅ?owicz (1):
      ALSA: hda - 4930g mute lfe and side when pluging in headphones


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