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Re: repeated abuses of the XFS list

To: Peter Grandi <pg_xf2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: repeated abuses of the XFS list
From: Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 19:44:07 -0500
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Well I'm afraid I'm going to respectfully disagree.
I don't have the full story of everything that happened
but none of the post you pointed out are totally off topic.
There seems to be some question about what you have said previously
about XFS,  which to me would seem on topic.

I have forwarded your email to Christoph and the other prominent members
of the XFS team and if they feel further action is warranted we
can revisit the issue. Based on what you have sent I do
not feel there is grounds for action.


On 4/5/12 7:20 PM, Peter Grandi wrote:
>> You must be joking! I'm not about to ban one of the most
>> knowledgeable and productive xfs developers from the email
>> list.
> Well, if one of these guys post offtopic and malicious rants, I
> guess that his being an XFS developer should not matter.
> With being an XFS developer comes also some responsibility to
> maintain a technical and professional tone in the XFS mailing
> list, and not to abuse his position. Same for the others.
>> I see nothing particularly offensive about these posts.
> They personal attacks about competence and character. They are
> pure flames, and because they are coordinated they seem to be
> mobbing.
> To me, you seem to be expliciting endorsing the use of the XFS
> mailing list to publish "ad hominem" attacks and mobbing.
>> I can understand you may upset about what Christoph said but
>> he has every right to state his opinions on things no matter
>> how much you disagree.
> But his opinions are on offtopic "things": the topic of the XFS
> mailing list is XFS, not people's competence or character, or
> rants/attacks on people.
> Some of the links I have sent you contain no technical content,
> purely personal attacks. How can this be legitimate XFS content?
> I think that it is your responsbility to ensure that posts are
> kept ontopic, and you assume responsibility for their content
> otherwise.

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