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Re: creating a new 80 TB XFS

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Subject: Re: creating a new 80 TB XFS
From: Michael Monnerie <michael.monnerie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:56:57 +0100
Cc: Richard Ems <richard.ems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Am Freitag, 24. Februar 2012, 13:52:40 schrieb Richard Ems:
> The raw storage space will then be 28 x 3 TB = 84 TB.

Please remember that it will be 2,79 TiB per drive, that's 78 TiB
overall. So it's missing 6 TB in reality, depending on how you
calculated the source space you have and backup space you need. In
Multi-TB environments people still are surprised by the big "rounding
error" from harddisk TB to real TiB. And I've had customers who couldn't
even do their first backup, as the backup system was full already. They
calculated backup space only for one backup, and without the TB->TiB


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