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Re: XFS unlink still slow on 3.1.9 kernel ?

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Subject: Re: XFS unlink still slow on 3.1.9 kernel ?
From: Richard Ems <richard.ems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:48:56 +0100
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On 02/14/2012 08:07 PM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 07:12:29PM +0100, Richard Ems wrote:
>> # /net/c3m/usr/local/software/XFS/summarise_stat.pl /bin/
>>       9  6.2% are scripts (shell, perl, whatever)
>>      65 44.8% don't use any stat() family calls at all
>>      61 42.1% use 32-bit stat() family interfaces only
>>       9  6.2% use 64-bit stat64() family interfaces only
>>       1  0.7% use both 32-bit and 64-bit stat() family interfaces
>> So I was not sure if I should use inode64 or not.
> Are you on a 32-bit system (userspace, kernel doesn't matter)?

No, I have been running on 64-bit systems for years. That output above
is on openSUSE 12.1 64-bit.

> If the system is 64-bit even the plain stat handles 64-bit inodes just
> fine.

With *plain stat* you mean the *32-bit stat* listed above ?
Is it then safe to switch all XFS partitions to be mounted with inode64
on 64-bit systems? Also for NFS v3 exports?
>From the XFS FAQ I read that it should work, also for NFS v3, and that I
can try it and switch back if there are problems, so I will give it a try!

Many thanks again for your time and help!

Richard Ems       mail: Richard.Ems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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