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Re: Bad performance with XFS + 2.6.38 / 2.6.39

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Subject: Re: Bad performance with XFS + 2.6.38 / 2.6.39
From: Yann Dupont <Yann.Dupont@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 18:56:34 +0100
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Le 21/12/2011 16:10, Stan Hoeppner a écrit :

1.  What mailbox format are you using?  Is this a constant or variable?


2.  Is the Dovecot rev and config the same everywhere, before/after?
3.  Are Dovecot instances using NFS to access the XFS volumes?
NO. direct LVM volumes from SAN
4.  Is this a  Dovecot 2.x cluster with director and NFS storage?

NO. This is dovecot plain & simple.

When I go back to older kernels, the load go down. With newer kernel, all is working well too, but load (as reported by uptime) is higher.


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