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Re: xfs: validate inode numbers in file handles correctly

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Subject: Re: xfs: validate inode numbers in file handles correctly
From: Guoquan Yang <ygq51@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 13:04:58 +0000 (UTC)
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Dave Chinner <david <at> fromorbit.com> writes:

> This series closes a recently discovered problem in XFS filehandle 
> On systems where inodes are dynamically deleted, XFS does not adequately 
> the inode numbers in the filehandles, which results in reading stale inodes
> from disk and potentially returning them as valid files. Because these 
> inodes were never zeroed out when the chunk was deallocated, some inodes in 
> chunk can still appear to have to data extents attached to them. This can 
> to stale data exposure, exposure of active data and potentially overwriting 
> active data if the stale extents referenced in the unlinked inodes have been
> re-allocated.
> Both NFS filehandles and local filehandles provided through libhandle have 
> same problem. libhandle requires root permissions to use the interface, so it
> is not exposing information that you can't get more easily with other means
> (e.g. xfs_db or reading directly form the block device), so there isn't 
> an issue here.
> For NFS, we may incorrectly accept stale file handles for unlinked inodes 
> a server reboot if the unlinked inodes have not been overwritten leading to 
> above issues being triggered if multiple NFS clients are accessing the some
> files.
> Christoph's make-bulkstat-coherent patch is the basis for this series as
> bulkstat can also expose unlinked inodes and information about them back to
> userspace because it makes the same assumptions about inode lookups as the 
> handle interfaces.
> As a result, the first two patches of the series make up the real bug fix. 
> last two patches make it clear we are looking up untrusted inode numbers and
> remove a shortcut that these interfaces used that we do not want used any
> more. Hence for backports to other kernels, only the first two patches are
> necessary.
> More information and the test program that demonstrates the issue via the
> open_by_handle interface can be found here:
> http://oss.sgi.com/archives/xfs/2010-06/msg00191.html
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I meet with a problem when using 64bit XFS and NFS,

When I access a directory from the NFS client,I get Stale NFS file Handle 
error.But it is ok when accessing on the server without NFS.

And I have checked that the inode num in the NFS file handle is the same as 
inode num on the server, Using ls -il.

I found that XFS_IGET_UNTRUSTED in xfs_imap() filtered the function 
xfs_imap_lookup(),It fails in xfs_imap_lookup() when access from NFS 
client.local access does not go into xfs_imap_lookup().

My kernel is Linux2.6.35.6 from kernel.org. please help me to find out this 


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