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Bug#553875: fixed in xfsprogs 3.1.6

To: Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Bug#553875: fixed in xfsprogs 3.1.6
From: Nathan Scott <nathans@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 12:00:50 +1100
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Hi Aurelien,

On 15 November 2011 08:48, Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This new version basically replaced the build-depends on
by a build-depends on
 libreadline5-dev | libreadline-gplv2-dev

Given libreadline5-dev is not in the archive, the package can't be

It seems to work as expected for me (iow, if either of the two are installed, it proceeds with using the installed package).  I tested both variants on latest unstable, so I'm at a loss to explain the failure you're seeing - can you forward the build output showing the issue?

Allowing either package to satisfy the dependency means more people have been able to continue to build and use these packages, which helps those users who are not using unstable, so unless its not feasible I'd prefer to leave that option open to them.


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