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world wide gaming even when you lose you win

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Subject: world wide gaming even when you lose you win
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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 04:16:33 +1000
Fellow Seekers,

I would like to share with my friends something that is Unique. If
you would like to take a look at this, you will see benefit from
taking up a position. I have personally taken a position within
Capitol Gaming.

After having numerous conversations with the International lead
distributor in Europe and, who is currently now in the U.S.A,I am
convinced that those who join in now, will reap the rewards from the
influx of people, who will be coming in after the launch. 

The member’s potential income will be huge in this; I am now
choosing to take what I have heard, from the top International online
business builders.

All the work that has gone into this venture and with the association
Capitol Gaming has with Betfair.com, the unique method employed here,
will maximize and bring the greatest and best potential offered to
anybody seeking an online home business opportunity. One must consider
that there is also massive use of online gaming these days. Taking a
position at this early stage, and to be in my group near the top, has
to be a winner!

The cost is $49 lifetime membership and $105 for player membership
(if you wish, you can upgrade later to a premium membership)

I cannot say what individuals will earn, but I have been told that
early positions could be paying thousands of dollars in the first few
months. This industry has a massive turnover, and being part of it
gives us big potential far exceeding any initial cost!

More information will be coming out; I would suggest that you
seriously consider taking a position within my leadership team
www.capitolgaming.com/info Fellow Seekers ,timing is important as this is a
once only opportunity to be placed ahead of many sporting clubs and
associations that we will be benefiting from. The official launch is
scheduled for November this year, be a part of my team now to maximize
your potential. 

The best bet on the net is here now, join the top members now in soft
launch, and give yourself a head start now to immediate success!!!

This is a trillion dollar industry - why not grab a part of it?? 

• By signing now, the leaders can place you in the current best
position to establish your future Income potential

• Future income will roll up to you based on the activity of those
below you that you bring in or WE place in via Spill over

• The leaders will be placing many Clubs, Pubs and Sporting
Associations into Capitol Gaming on an ongoing basis as the company
expands globally. This will assist the growth of your business and
YOUR income.

• Your income will be generated from the points accumulated by
those betting within your business. A portion of every wager placed
goes into Capitol Gaming from your down line and into your account. So
if they Win, Lose or Draw you make money

• So getting in NOW, and being placed correctly for maximum income
potential, is highly recommended. Our team will assist you in meeting
the qualifications to achieve and maintain an ongoing income.

As I mentioned earlier in this email regarding the International Lead
Distributor, he is presently traveling throughout the U.S.A and CANADA
during the next few weeks promoting Capitol Gaming. If you or anybody
is interested in attending an information session, please do not
hesitate contacting me for details or to see if there are any sessions
planned for your area

Call or email me after signing in so we can make the next moves! 

Best Wishes,

Ian Daley

29 Baileys Rd


Queensland 4213


61 421 380 302

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