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suse cp copies 'acls' and extended attrs....

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Subject: suse cp copies 'acls' and extended attrs....
From: "Linda A. Walsh" <xfs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 07:59:37 -0700
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I'm not sure if it is in mainline cp (would tend to guess it is likely), but the default cp -a mode will copy all file attributes now, as well, by default. (You can turn it off, but
the default for -a(rchive) mode is to copy everything...)...

So you can use 'cp' now to copy xfs files around and not lose capabilities, acls or other ext_attrs,
as well as rsync....

Just an FYI from someone who just found out recently -- it may be old news...if so, sorry,
first I heard of it!

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