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xfsrestore seems to hang

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Subject: xfsrestore seems to hang
From: prad <prad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 09:59:38 -0700
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this seems to be a new development.

in the past, i've xfsdumped my home directory as home.xfs in a separate
partition on the same drive and have extracted a specific file without
any difficulties.

now i'm trying to do the same thing on an external usb drive which has
the xfs filesystem on it.

i can xfsdump to it no problem.

then i try to restore:
1. cd into the directory /media/f6.....
2. mkdir tmp
3. xfsrestore -i -f home.xfs tmp/
4. ls and cd to the right place - all work just fine
5. add the file i want to extract
6. extract

things seem to be working:

 -> ls 
        77766469 kyron/
             131 pradmin/

 -> cd pradmin/Public

 -> ls
      1766125579 ipflush.sh 
      1766125536 iptables.sh 

 -> add ipflush.sh

 -> ls
    * 1766125579 ipflush.sh 
      1766125536 iptables.sh 

 -> extract

 --------------------------------- end dialog ---------------------------------

xfsrestore: restoring non-directory files

but it just hangs on the last line and we wait and wait and wait.

top shows that xfsrestore is using 3% of cpu so something is happening
supposedly, but i don't know what.

inside tmp there are the usual directories:
orphanage and xfsrestorehousekeepingdir
but they don't want to go away (orphanage is empty) because the thing
doesn't finish.

i tried the same thing with a -V5, but the only difference seemed to be
hanging on:
xfsrestore:general: restoring non-directory files

are there error logfiles somewhere?
how can i troubleshoot this problem?

in friendship,

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