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Re: xfs 14TB - check

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Subject: Re: xfs 14TB - check
From: pg_xf2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Grandi)
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 18:17:25 +0000
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xfs> i formated a storage with 16 disks (Raid5  and sparedrive)
xfs> with xfs.

One of the many wonderful ideas that get published in this list! :-)

xfs> i used xfs_repair /dev/cciss/c0...p1 and got the following
xfs> error message: fatal error -- couldn't allocate block map,
xfs> size XXXXXXX

xfs> I have 2 GB of Ram in the machine. What should I do and how
xfs> to check my volume?

You probably need a 64 bit systems with a lot more RAM:


Things have improved a bit with later releases of 'xfsprogs',
but it still takes a lot of space and time. This mailing list
has some post with an estimate of how much RAM and is neeeded
currently. Time depends very much on what is inside the
filesystem and how damaged it is, 14TB could take many hours or
many weeks.

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