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Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 12:26:02 +0100
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I am Sergei Lavochkin former associate and personal assistance to Platon 
Lebedev director of Group MENATEP, a holding company with diversified assets of 
$20 billion, primarily in oil and gas, mineral fertilizers, telecommunications 
and information technologies, and banking and financial services. Group MENATEP 
was the majority shareholder of YUKOS.


 The Russian businessman was arrested in 2003 on charges of fraud and sentenced 
to eight years in a Siberian prison colony in 2005. A new trial of him and his 
Yukos partner Khodorkovsky Russia richest man began in March last year after 
prosecutors laid fresh charges against them.

I am presently exile in one of the leading European countries due to threat 
from president Dmitry Medvedev and Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putting 
recently to arrest relatives and former associates of both men, contact me for 
an oil and gas investment offer as I intend settling down and relocate my 
family I can be reached on my private web mail (infosergeilavochkin@xxxxxxxxx) 
free Emails aren't always secure, and they may be intercepted or changed after 
they've been sent

 An arrest has been applied to the territory where we live there are no men 
there, no complete families," "The people who lived in the settlement have 
scattered to different countries, and two of them are in prison.

Political analysts believe the Kremlin wants to ensure Khodorkovsky and Platoon 
Lebedev is not released in the run up to the 2012 presidential elections.

Platon Lebedev's case is politically motivated, and his arrest and prosecution 
were widely perceived to have been a warning to Khodorkovsky, as well as a 
means for the government to facilitate the expropriation of Russia 's oil and 
gas industry. Lebedev's ordeal has been replete with violations of the most 
basic human rights.

 If convicted, the tycoon could spend another six years in jail after his 
current sentence expires in October 2011,hence he wants me to invest his funds 
in a foreign land and also ensure I personally handle his finance and family 
until his ordeal is over.

Do contact me and let me elaborate on the investment proposal.

 Thanks in anticipation,

Sergei Lavochkin


Note: If you've received this email and you are not interested then destroy it 
without copying, using, or telling anyone bout its contents please for the 
security of my family. 

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