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kernel panic - stack-protector: kernel stack is corrupted in: f87aca93

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: kernel panic - stack-protector: kernel stack is corrupted in: f87aca93
From: Jeffrey Hundstad <jeffrey.hundstad@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:58:45 -0600
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I'm compiling the main Linux branch commit 493f3358cb289ccf716c5a14fa5bb52ab75943e5 with no other patches. It boots and seems to operate fine. When I do an xfs_fsr it Kernel panics. I can easily reproduce it

Kernel Panic: (hand copied, photo available)

Kernel panic - not syncing: stack-protector: Kernel stack is corrupted in: f87aca93

Pid: 262, comm: xfs_fsr Not tainted 2.6.38-rc6-493f3358cb2+ #1
Call Trace:

[<c12991ac>] ? panic+0x50/0x150
[<c102ed71>] ? __stack_chk_fail+0x10/0x18
[<f87aca93>] ? xfs_ioc_fsgeometry_v1+0x56/0x5d [xfs]
[<f87aca93>] ? xfs_ioc_fsgeometry_v1+0x56/0x5d [xfs]
[<f87ae062>] ? xfs_file_ioctl+0x33c/0x6fe [xfs]
[<c1047f1a>] ? sched_clock_cpu+0x130/0x140
[<c1050f41>] ? trace_hardirqs_off+0xb/0xd
[<c1047f57>] ? local_clock+0x2d/0x4e
[<c1050f6e>] ? lock_release_holdtime+0x2b/0xcd
[<c10a925a>] ? check_valid_pointer+0x1c/0x48
[<c10a99c8>] ? check_object+0x122/0x156
[<f87add26>] ? xfs_file_ioctl+0x0/0x6fe [xfs]
[<c10bf5c9>] ? do_vfs_ioctl+0x483/0x4c8
[<c10aab72>] ? kmeme_chache_free+0x8f/0x9b
[<c10b41b4>] ? fcheck_files+0xa1/0xd0
[<c10bf64f>] ? sys_ioctl+0x41/0x61
[<c1002893>] ? sysenter_do_call+0x12/0x32

You can find the config, initrd.img, vmlinuz and crash screen at:

- gcc (Debian 4.4.5-13) 4.4.5
- xfs_fsr version 3.1.4

Please let know if you'd like more info.

Jeffrey Hundstad

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