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Re: TRIM details

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Subject: Re: TRIM details
From: Matthias Schniedermeyer <ms@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 10:17:20 +0100
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On 07.01.2011 10:11, Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> On 06.01.2011 19:22, Phil Karn wrote:
> > Just have the drive interpret an ordinary write of all 0's to any LBA as
> > an implicit "unmap" indication for that LBA. As long as the drive
> The drive would have to look into each written sector in the off chance 
> that it might be 0, that's a lot of electrons you have to burn for not 
> much gain. And that's ignoring the performance side, doing such a check 
> on each incoming write would be expensive at best.

Altough, after thinking about it a little more. Doing a Population count 
in the controller while the data comes in over the wire can't be that 

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