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Re: able to mount a fs, unable to repair it

To: laurent+xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: able to mount a fs, unable to repair it
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 22:04:50 -0600
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On 12/22/10 7:53 PM, laurent+xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi !
> For a reason all my xfs FS got corrupted at the same time.
> My setup is: xen host using lvm on top of soft raid6 on top of jbod
> 3ware connected sata disks.
> Both the host and the VM fs got corrupted.
> ATM host is using 2.6.32 (debian/squeeze), xfsprogs are 3.1.4
> I've had 2 kinds of corruptions:
> 1) unable to mount the FS, been able to xfs_repair -L
> 2) able to mount the FS, xfs_check was reporting errors, unable to
> xfs_repair the fs
> For most of the FS, i've managed to either mkfs.xfs or xfs_repair then
> rsync from the backup.
> I'm left with my 1.5TB fs for which i also have a full backup, i'm
> able to mount it (no kernel error or anything when
> mounting it). xfs_check on this unmounted FS gives errors. xfs_repair
> (after a long long time) is unable to find a suitable thingie to
> repair the FS.
> https://gist.github.com/752411 xfs_{db,check,repair,metadump} results.
> (haven't checked the memory/disk usage when doing the metadump)
> I can't really tell why all this happened in the first place.
> Been having power supply issues some weeks ago, been upgrading from
> lenny to squeeze, been playing with xen & lxc at the same, been doing
> my xmas shopping a bit late ! :-)
> I'd be curious to know how to repair the 1.5TB FS, any idea on what i
> could do ?

for the image that segfaults, I'd say make an xfs_metadump and provide it
for analysis, if the latest xfsprogs xfs_repair still segfaults.


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