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Hole Punching V3

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Subject: Hole Punching V3
From: Josef Bacik <josef@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 20:46:14 -0500
This is version 3 of the hole punching series I've been posting.  Not much has
changed, the history is below

-FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE must also have FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE in order to work
-formatting fixes

-Hole punching doesn't change file size
-Fixed the mode checks in ext4/btrfs/gfs2 so they do what they are supposed to

I've updated my local copies of the xfsprogs patches I have to test this to use
KEEP_SIZE and PUNCH_HOLE together, I'll post them after it looks like these
patches are good to go, including the manpage update.  The xfstest I wrote ran
fine both on xfs and btrfs (failing on btrfs obviously).  Thanks,


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