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Re: xfs_repair of critical volume

To: Eli Morris <ermorris@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: xfs_repair of critical volume
From: Steve Costaras <stevecs@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 16:10:06 -0500
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On 2010-10-31 14:56, Eli Morris wrote:

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the responses. On the XFS volume that I'm trying to recover 
here, I've already re-initialized the RAID, so I've kissed that data goodbye. I 
am using LVM2. Each of the 5 RAID volumes is a physical volume. Then a logical 
volume is created out of those, and then the filesystem lies on top of that. So 
now we have, in order, 2 intact PVs, 1 OK, but blank PV, 2 intact PVs. On the 
RAID where we lost the drives, replacements are in place and I created a now 
healthy volume. Through LVM, I was then able to create a new PV from the 
re-constituted RAID volume and put that into our logical volume in place of the 
destroyed PV. So now, I have a logical volume that I can activate and I can see 
the filesystem. It still reports as having all the old files as before, 
although it doesn't. So the hardware is now OK. It's just what to do with our 
damaged filesystem that has a huge chunk missing out of it. I put the 
xfs_repair trial output on an http server, as suggested (good sugge!
  stion) and it is here:

What was your raid stripe size (hardware)? Did you have any partitioning scheme on the hdw raid volumes or did you just use the native device? When you created the volume group & lv did you do any striping or just concatenation of the luns? if striping what was your lvcreate parameters (stripe size et al).

You mentioned that you lost only 1 of the 5 arrays. Assuming the others did not have any failures? You wiped the array that failed so you have 4/5 of the data and 1/5 is zeroed. Which removes the possibility of vendor recovery/assistance.

Assuming that everything is equal there should be an equal distribution of files across the AG's and the AG's should have been distributed across the 5 volumes. Do you have the xfs_info data? I think you may be a bit out of luck here with xfs_repair. I am not sure how XFS handles files/fragmentation between AG's and AG's relation to the underlying 'physical volume'. I.e. problem would be if a particular AG was on a different volume than the blocks of the actual file, likewise another complexity would be fragmented files where data was not contiguous. What is the average size of the files that you had on the volume?

In similar circumstances if files were small enough to be on the remaining disks and contiguous/non fragmented I've had some luck w/ forensic tools Foremost & Scalpel.


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