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Re: Interesting possible XFS crash condition

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Subject: Re: Interesting possible XFS crash condition
From: Shawn Usry <shawn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 23:45:03 -0500
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On 10/20/2010 4:27 PM, Emmanuel Florac wrote:
Le Wed, 20 Oct 2010 14:01:00 -0500 vous écriviez:

2.  I did upgrade the firmware on the controller to a newer version
AFTER the issue appeared, hoping this would resolve it.  Same results.

At this point I'm leaning toward faulty hardware somewhere.
Another possibility is a memory problem, possibly making the machine
crash under heavy load; if most RAM is used as filesystem caching, this
maybe may lead to apparently xfs related errors. You could try running
memtest86+ on the system for a couple of hours.

Great minds think alike :) Actually I have indeed already run a memtest86+ on the system which completed without a problem. Loading up read/writes on other single disks on the system also doesn't produce a problem. Just this one filesystem ;) It's a stumper!

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