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Porcelain Double Wall Coffee Mug with Lid

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Subject: Porcelain Double Wall Coffee Mug with Lid
From: Jason Su <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 14:40:57 +0800
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Dear Customers and Prospects, 

I would like to bring you an update for our Double Wall Ceramic Mugs. The 
Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Mug is one of the best promotional items and gift 
products. Our products have been shipped to many countries in the world. Please 
find some photos of the products that we made for customers. Those are the 
products that we produced for customers. The design/copyright is belonged to 
our customer. But this would be able to give you some idea about what we can do 
for you.

We have made this Double Wall Ceramic Mugs for many clients, to name just a few 
of them: 
1.      MasterCard
2.      Bayer
3.      Seattle Souvenirs
4.      Las Vegas Souvenirs
5.      San Francisco Souvenirs
6.      Animal Gifts
7.      Beach croft
8.      Paris Souvenirs
9.      etc etc

Please go to our website for more products: 

We have very competitive prices. Please contact us for the price list. 

We produce the best quality products for many customers in many countries in 
the world. Moreover, we are the factory in China and we offer very competitive 
price for customers. And we can do small quantity or very low minimum. 

We have a complete line of double wall ceramic mugs for your options. There are 
different sizes of mugs for your options, such as 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, and 15 oz 
Double Wall Ceramic. 12 oz size is the most popular. 

Here is the feature of the Double Wall Ceramic Mug: 

1.      Fine Porcelain material and Double Wall Construction: Keeps your drink 
stay hot longer and cold longer too. Also, because it is double wall ceramic 
construction, your hand will not be burnt or hurt by the heat. Even if you fill 
in boiling drink, it is still NOT hot on the outside wall and you can hold the 
mug directly by your hands. 
2.      Silicone sip top lid: this lid is food Grade. It seals the mug and 
keeps your drink in the mug and avoids splashing when the mug is accidentally 
knocked over.
3.      Microwavable
4.      Dishwasher Safe
5.      This mug also goes into the mug holder in your car. 

We can do many different options for your promotional purpose or gifting 
1.      Besides White, we can custom made the mug in different colors. 
2.      We can custom made the lid in many different colors to match your 
3.      We can add a silicone Sleeve holder on the mug and we can make this 
sleeve in any color you like. 
4.      We can do any imprinting on the lid or on the sleeve or on the mug for 
5.      We have no problem with small quantity or big quantity. We can do low 
Minimum and small quantity. And our capacity is also set up for bigger quantity 
orders too.
6.      Different kinds of packaging options is available, bulk pack or gift 
boxed packing is available. 
7.      Quick sampling
8.      Fast Delivery. 

Because we are the producer for this mug and we have almost everything in 
house. We have a good control of everything. 

Please contact us if you would like to have the best price list. 

Best regards,

Jason Su 

Palace Gift Limited
Room 3101A, Jinhui Building, Nanhai Avenue 2079, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
Postal Code: 518054
tel: 86-755 2688 6566
fax: 86-755 2688 6233
cell: 86-135 0281 5054
PS: Consider the environment; please don't print this email unless you really 
need to do so.

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