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Re: Problem with file system on iSCSI FileIO

To: Emmanuel Florac <eflorac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Problem with file system on iSCSI FileIO
From: Slawomir Nowakowski <slawomir.nowakowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 15:46:45 +0200
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Dear Emmanuel,

Le Fri, 24 Sep 2010 13:11:25 +0200
Slawomir Nowakowski<slawomir.nowakowski@xxxxxxxxxx>  écrivait:

But we believe the problem is with the XFS. With unknown reason we
are not able to mount the LV and after running xfs_repair the file is
missing from the LV. Do you have any ideas how we can try to fix the
broken XFS?
This doesn't really make much sense to me. What target are you using?
scst, tgt, lio or iet? What looks weird to me is that the dd command
example you gave writes over the xfs filesystem :

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/vg+vg00/lv+i+lv0000 bs=1M conv=notrunc

This is definitely incorrect. Given that /dev/vg+vg00/lv+i+lv0000 is
your xfs formatted lv, you must mount it somewhere :

mount /dev/vg+vg00/lv+i+lv0000 /mnt/whatever

Then you dd the file on /mnt/whatever :

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/whatever/lunfile bs=1M

Lastly, you declare /mnt/whatever/lunfile as the lun in your target
(method varies depending upon the target used), something like (ietd

Target iqn.2010-09:com.whatever.host.target1
        Alias host.target1
        Lun 0 Type=fileio,Path=mnt/whatever/lunfile,IOMode=wback

It's my mistake in dd command, sorry for that.

First we mount the LV:

/dev/vg+vg00/lv+i+lv0000 on /mnt/point type xfs (rw,nouuid,attr2,nobarrier,noquota)

then we run dd to file

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/point/lun bs=1M conv=notrunc count=$size

$size is counted to leave some free space on the device

As the iSCSI target we use SCST The scst.conf looks likes like this:

[HANDLER vdisk]
DEVICE 0QSP199WJI1yKOPj,/mnt/point/lun,WT,512,0QSP199WJI1yKOPj

[GROUP Default_iqn.2010-03:sn1.target0]
[GROUP Default]

[ASSIGNMENT Default_iqn.2010-03:sn1.target0]

[TARGETS enable]

[TARGETS disable]

The problem is that we were able to use this LUN in the target, but suddenly after a reboot we are not.


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