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Intersect360 Research Site Census Report - Storage

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Subject: Intersect360 Research Site Census Report - Storage
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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 13:43:12 GMT
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I enclose details of our high-performance computing storage market report.   

This fourth report in our Site Census series provides an examination of the 
storage characteristics and capacities found at a sample of HPC user sites. We 
surveyed a broad range of users about their current computer system 
installations, storage systems, networks, middleware, and software supporting 
these computer installations. The initial three reports, HPC User Site Census: 
Systems, HPC User Site Census: Processors, and HPC User Site Census: 
Interconnects/Networks focused on server suppliers, server node 
characteristics, processors-related trends, and system interconnect and network 

Our goal in this analysis of storage systems is to examine storage usage within 
the HPC user communities and explore how this usage varies based on categories 
such as storage capacity and its location, storage supplier, storage network, 

Key findings of the survey include the following:   

- Approximately 47% of the total maximum available storage at respondent's 
sites resides on compute servers. Storage available to each node (referred to 
as node-level storage) represents 7% of the capacity, and storage available to 
the server (referred to as system-level storage) accounts for 40% of the total 
available storage. The remaining 53% of storage is found at the site level, 
generally on NAS or SAN systems. On average, 450TB of storage resides at the 
site level on a storage system.   

- About 75% of the 147 sites have at least one site-level storage system 
installed. No vendor dominates the storage system market for HPC sites. IBM has 
the largest share with 10.7% but is closely followed by EMC and Sun with 10.1% 
each. However, "in-house" and "generic" solutions combine to account for 10.7% 
of the storage systems installed. We see this last value as reflecting the 
commodity nature of storage components and the availability of open software 
for storage systems.   

- NAS (Networked-Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Network) had almost 
equal representation in the surveyed HPC sites, with 39% SAN and 34% NAS. 
Commercial sites are more likely to have a NAS storage system while academic 
sites are more likely to have a SAN storage system.   

- The majority of NAS storage systems are connected using 1 Gigabit Ethernet. 
Only 8% of the systems were connected to a 10 Gigabit Ethernet network   

- Most storage management software (38%) in use by these sites was provided by 
the storage system vendor. Very little penetration by add-on storage management 
suppliers was reported.   

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Storage Hierarchy Capacity   
Local Disk Capacity   
Node and System-level storage Capacity by System Architecture   
Site-Level Storage System Analysis   
Site-Level Storage Systems by Supplier   
Site-Level Storage Systems by Storage Type   
Site Level Systems by Primary Network   
Site-Level Storage Capacity by Primary Network   
Node-Level Storage by Interconnect   
Storage Management Software   

Data Explosion and Rebalancing the HPC Market   
Guidance to Vendors   


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