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System partially unusable after power loss...

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Subject: System partially unusable after power loss...
From: Manuel Reimer <Manuel.Spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 22:10:52 +0200
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Kernel is

My Problem started as I got called, that login from KDM is not longer possible. In fact, the KDE login is possible, but soon after entering the password, a "kbuildsycoca" hangs and takes 100% CPU. Shortly before this happened, power was abruptly lost.

I rebooted to a live CD. As, for some reason, xfs_check was broken on that live CD (something with "db" in it was missing), I directly ran xfs_repair on the broken hard drive and it found some zero byte files and two files with ELF header, which may be (a part of) library files, I don't know, as the name wasn't restored.

Is it possible to find out what exactly happened to cause this system to be unusable? For me it seems like those restored ELF files are something, needed by KDE to start up properly. Why did library files get destroyed, the user, using this PC, isn't able to write to? Doesn't this mean, they don't get into a write cache and even a power loss can't destroy them?



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