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Re: Now: Debian issues, WAS: XFS Filesystem not mounting

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Subject: Re: Now: Debian issues, WAS: XFS Filesystem not mounting
From: pbrunnen <PBrunnen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 06:15:26 -0700 (PDT)
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Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> A single socket 12-core 2 GHz Opteron 6100 series on a SuperMicro mobo
> with quad DDR3 memory channels w/32 GB RAM, sitting on your desktop,
> would simply run circles around that old 2 rack 32P O2K system, probably
> 5 to 1 or greater in parallel linpack--for less than $2k.
:-)  Now... not then.  We often forget how much has changed even over just
the last 10 years.

Dave Chinner wrote:
> You must be doing it wrong, then.
> # apt-cache search "^firmware-"
> ....
> Pick the packages for your hardware, or just install the lot (which
> is what I normally do) and remake your initramfs. The firmware
> packages have the correct firmware versions the distro kernels
> expect.
Hi Dave.

I have to agree with Stan...  I know about the firmware packages... but for
both the Broadcom BXN2 nics and the Q-Logic QLA23xx HBAs I have never gotten
the firmware bundle to work properly.  I always ended up with a 5min boot
delay as the modules couldn't find the firmware files.  So I build my own
modules with the blobs inside and life is good...

Thanks.  -Cheers, Peter.
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