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Re: XFS Filesystem not mounting

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Subject: Re: XFS Filesystem not mounting
From: pbrunnen <PBrunnen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 09:35:58 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Stan,

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> I've been using Debian for headless servers for many years.
> Distribution upgrades via apt-get or aptitude have been smooth and easy
> for many years.  I have one server that's been in-place upgraded from
> Woody through Lenny with only minor dependency issues--that's 4
> distribution upgrades over 5 years--Woody, Sarge, Etch, Lenny.

Part of my reasoning for looking towards debian is because I was forced into
it about two years ago.  I manage a solution for one of my company partners
which is based on etch with backported kernels.  There are many things I
like about it... and I agree on the clean upgrade path and very good package

But the downsides to debian have been holding me back...
1) I miss yast.  aptitude is just not the same.
2) Vendor support is officially non-existant.  We are a Dell shop and
upgrading openmanage is a pain. With SuSE its download and go.
3) I understand the ideology and legal reasons debian removes firmware blobs
(broadcom anyone) from their kernel modules...  but this is always a real
pain.  I end up monkeying about with the initrd image to get the firmware
blobs in... and often I just recompile with the blobs and forget it.

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> Then again, I don't use Debian kernels, so my kernels were never
> upgraded during the dist upgrade.  This may have prevented some
> headaches.  I roll my own kernels from kernel.org source and tend to
> keep fairly current.  So, when I do a dist upgrade my current kernel is
> usually newer than what the dist upgrade provides.  The fact I leave out
> features I don't need may play a role in preventing problems as well.

;-)  That makes a huge difference.  But generally my experience thus far
with debian has been positive.  Enough to make me consider switching.   And
I know the XFS has never given me a lick of trouble.

*Didn't want to seem off topic.  Had to throw in the XFS reference at the
end.  lol.

Thanks again for everyone's input.
Its Much Appreciated!
-Cheers, Peter.
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