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Global Cloud Computing Service Market Outlook 2014

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Subject: Global Cloud Computing Service Market Outlook 2014
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Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2010 11:19:40 GMT
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I enclose details of our global cloud computing services market report.   

Cloud computing has emerged as the latest buzzword for the IT industry. Not 
only is it revolutionizing the IT industry, but it is also giving a new 
dimension to IT services being offered by vendors. Cloud computing services can 
be considered as combination of grid computing, utility computing, 
virtualization, clustering services . The cloud service environment has forced 
both service providers and users to realign their operational and business 
strategies with respect to IT decision making.   

As per our findings, the cloud computing service market will witness phenomenal 
growth in the near future, driven by scalability of IT resources, cost 
reduction, improved computation capacity and other factors identified. The 
market is anticipated to more than double by 2014 as compared to 2009 levels 
and is likely to be dominated by companies from the U.S and European regions.   

"Global Cloud Computing Service Market Outlook 2014" discuss following issues:  

- Global Cloud Computing Service Market Opportunity (US$ Billion)   
- Global Cloud Computing Market Segmentation by Services   
- Market opportunity by Region   
- Mobile Cloud Computing Market Opportunity (US$ Billion)   
- Mobile Cloud Computing Market Segmentation by Enterprise & User Segment   
- Mobile Cloud Computing Subscriber Base (Million)   

"Global Cloud Computing Service Market Outlook 2014" has evaluated business and 
non-business issues related to the worldwide cloud computing service market 
worldwide. This study gives unprejudiced view on the various aspects of cloud 
computing service market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest 
trends, market potential, infrastructure and delivery model related to 
industry. This study by TechSci Research will definitely help consultants, 
cloud computing service providers, IT infrastructure vendors, business managers 
to identify the market opportunities and will help them in market centric 
decision making process.   

For more information please click on:   

Title Index:   

1. Analyst Briefing   

2. What is Cloud Computing?   

3. Delivery Model   
3.1 Software-as-a-Service   
3.2 Platform-as-a-Service   
3.3 Infrastructure-as-a-Service   

4. Infrastructure/Deployment Model   
4.1 Private Clouds   
4.2 Public Clouds   
4.3 Hybrid Clouds   

5. Why Cloud Computing Services?   

6. Cloud Computing Market: Scenario 2014   
6.1 Market Potential   
6.2 By Region   
6.3 By Product/Services   

7. Mobile Cloud Computing: Scenario 2014   

8. Barriers to Cloud Computing Market   
8.1 Reliability   
8.2 Security   
8.3 Regulations Restrictions   

9. Competitive Landscape   
9.1 Amazon   
9.2 Salesforce.com   
9.3 VMware, Inc.   
9.4 Savvis   
9.5 Rackspace Hosting   
9.6 IBM   
9.7 Dell   
9.8 Cisco   
9.9 EMC   
9.10 Oracle   
9.11 NetSuite   
9.12 Microsoft   


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Hard Copy : EUR 944   
CD ROM : EUR 944   
Electronic  (Enterprisewide) : EUR 1573   

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Thank you for your consideration.   

Best Regards,   

Laura Wood   
Senior Manager   
Research and Markets Ltd   

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