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Re: separate project quota from group quota (questions, design issues)

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Subject: Re: separate project quota from group quota (questions, design issues)
From: Michael Monnerie <michael.monnerie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 19:13:49 +0200
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On Samstag, 4. September 2010 Arkadiusz Miskiewicz wrote:
> My goal is to be able to use user, group and project quota at the
>  same time.  Example usage is a web hosting company which gives some
>  space for customer (group quota), customer splits it into accounts
>  (user quota) and then each account can have multiple vhosts with own
>  quota (project quota).
Nice idea. I'd also like that, but also mixed:
userdir1 -> user quota
prjdir1 -> project quota
groupdir1 -> group quota for a group of users 
groupdir2 -> for a group of projects

From what you write, I'm sure you can't mix groups with users and 
projects, instead it needs to be defined at mount time. It would be very 
good if that can be mixed at the same time.

I'd like to say users1-5 can have 500G each, together 2T max. And 
projects can have 2T each, but project1+2 together max. 2T. users6-9 can 
have 100G each, together 100G max. Currently I defined everything as a 
project, and manually check quotas for groups of projects if they cross 
the "group max" border.

But I'd also be very interested in what you write above - it would be a 
very welcome expansion of quotas which seems good. Just a question for 
setup: We use all dirs side-by-side like
 |- prj1
 |- prj2
Now customer1 can have domain1 and domain2, customer2 has domain3. prj1 
and prj2 can have prjquota. Am I right that this is possible with your 
approach? Seems like, and I just want to ask to be sure I understand you 

Just how would you account that? Say each customer gets 20G, each domain 
20G, projects 10G each. When above customer1 has 12G in domain1, he has 
left 8G for domain2. Are projects also limited to 8G in sum, or is their 
10G limit the one that's valid? If prj1 has 5G, is the 8G-5G=3G what's 
available for domain2, or are projects completely separate?
I believe there are lots of variations and some people would like to 
have it accounted, some not. Can this ever be solved?

mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Michael Monnerie, Ing. BSc

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