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Excellent Team Executive Ability(卓越团队执行力) **Last Reminder to Register- 5

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Subject: Excellent Team Executive Ability(卓越团队执行力) **Last Reminder to Register- 5 Seats Left**
From: "Martin Geng" <martin.geng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 12:07:34 +0800
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This is your last chance to register for Excellent Team Executive Ability. We have only 5 seats left; therefore, do not miss this opportunity to register!


Excellent Team Executive Ability

13&14 September 2010

Shanghai, China



How are you?


MARTIN LINKING is convening the Excellent Team Executive Ability training on 13&14 September 2010 in Shanghai.


Based on trainer’s more than 6 years training practice, in-depth investigation and survey with hundreds of enterprises, face to face interviews with hundreds of general managers, vice presidents, factory directors, department managers and front-line managers and staffs, combined with training feedbacks, understand that: for most supervisors, the fact is that they are familiar with management tools, methods and techniques and even have a good knowledge of it, but most people do not "do" or "do well ". There are many reasons for that, but the lack of effective implementation is common and same.


Purpose of this class:

To build excellence executive type supervisors and team managers of high performance


Who Should Attend

All types of middle-level managers, department back-up supervisors and business professionals who pursue execution excellence and personal rapid growth.


Training Introduction:

Enterprise is of no shortage of great strategic thinking, what it lacks of is effective execution. However, the team’s executive ability often depends on the backbone of the company, executive ability of team (department) is the core of business execution ability, as it can transform the target into performance, it can also shape vocational habits of the staff. From a kind of sense, the execution ability of the staff equals leadership of the management.


Therefore, this course aims to train outstanding executive type managers for the company's strategic to be put into practice, the culture to be put down roots, create a strong team executive ability. To help attendees change "from knowing to implementing, from implementing to excellent".


Two days training fee is RMB 7995.


Please find an agenda in both English and Chinese attached with this email and feel free to contact me for more information.


To register the very limited seats, simply fill out the registration form, attention it to Martin Geng and fax it to + 86 28 6552 1233.


Martin Geng


Martin Linking Business Consulting Company Limited.


T: +86 28 65521255

F: +86 28 65521233



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Date     :  18th&19th, November, 2010

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Title      : Supply Chain Optimization

Date     :  25th & 26th November 2010

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Title      :  Behavior Based Safety Best Practices

Date     :   9th&10th December, 2010

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