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Re: Message to Stan Hoeppner

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Subject: Re: Message to Stan Hoeppner
From: Martin Steigerwald <Martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 11:49:30 +0200
Cc: Stan Hoeppner <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Am Samstag 14 August 2010 schrieb Stan Hoeppner:
> Michael Monnerie put forth on 8/13/2010 6:00 AM:
> > Dear Stan,


> > <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: host greer.hardwarefreak.com[]
> > said: 550    5.7.1 <mailsrv1.zmi.at[]>: Client host
> > rejected: We do not accept mail from .at domains (in reply to RCPT TO
> > command)
> > 
> > I don't know what experiences you've had, but Austria is not that
> > bad. We have Mozart, Walzer, the Danube, and Vienna is worlds most
> > beautiful city to live in (search "vienna best city in the world" on
> > Google finds http://www.citymayors.com/features/quality_survey.html
> > and others).
> > 
> > Maybe you could rethink that policy? Spam rate is quite low with .at
> > domains, compared to others.
> Fixed.  Sorry about that Michael.  I had an old pcre that checked the
> SMTP client rDNS host name against a bunch of ccTLDs I received spam
> from some time ago.  I forgot to disable it when I moved to a much
> more effective and a bit more sane anti-spam configuration.  I'm
> surprised someone such as yourself hadn't tripped this before now with
> all the lists I subscribe to.
> That said, I do still block some entire countries' IP space using
> ipdeny.com info, such as China, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, and a handful
> of others from which I'll likely never receive legit mail.  I might
> from Russia due to some of my list memberships.

Hmmm, I use policyd-weight to weight several blacklists instead of 
blocking complete country IP spaces unconditionally and together with some 
local spam filtering with CRM114 at home it keeps spam gets through rate 
very comfortable low for more than a year already. I estimate I do not 
have more than 20 spam mails marked as unsure in a whole week.The rate is 
a bit higher at work, but still quite comfortable, where Zimbra does the 
additional spam filtering I think with a learnable Spamassassin setup. But 
most mail is blocked by policyd-weight at SMTP level anyway.

So I do not see any need to block complete IP spaces, but your mileage may 

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